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Become a licensed expert for DGNB Certification of buildings, districts and interiors

Due to the high demand, bookable training dates for the DGNB Auditor are currently very limited.
We are working on offering more dates. Please send us a quick e-mail to ausbildung@dgnb.de if you would like to be kept informed of new dates in the future.

The DGNB Auditor degree is the highest qualification you can achieve at the DGNB Academy. Here we prepare you to apply the DGNB System from A to Z in practice. After the training, you can work without restrictions in all markets and submit your projects for certification by the DGNB.

The training is held in German.

Learning objectives and skills taught

  • You will learn to closely accompany and document the planning and construction process from start to finish in terms of DGNB Certification.
  • You will be able to communicate with all parties involved in the construction process about the required evidence and documentation requirements of individual DGNB criteria.
  • You know what is important in the conformity assessment and can submit projects to the DGNB for certification.
  • You also have the opportunity to specialise in the field of sustainable districts and interiors.

The title DGNB Auditor distinguishes experts in the design and construction of sustainable buildings. DGNB Auditors specialise in auditing projects according to the DGNB System and accompany building owners throughout the entire certification process.

Persons who have already successfully certified five supervised projects are awarded the title of DGNB Senior Auditor.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Architects
  • Specialist planners
  • Civil engineers
  • Urban planners
  • Project developers
  • Project managers
  • Energy consultants
  • Persons who would like to offer and carry out DGNB Certification independently as a service

  • Certificate of attendance for the event you attended in digital form (only for "To Become a DGNB Auditor in Full-Time")

After successful completion and signing of the licence agreement:

  • Receipt of the recognised degree of DGNB Auditor
  • DGNB Auditor certificate in digital form
  • DGNB Auditor certificate in an FSC-certified wooden frame (only for "Full-time DGNB Auditor" / "DGNB Auditor via a seminar paper")
  • Listing as DGNB certification expert on the DGNB website
  • DGNB Auditor logo in digital form incl. DGNB style guide for communicating your qualification (e.g. for your e-mail signature, website or communication materials)
  • Extended access to the DGNB System Software and the building products platform DGNB Navigator
  • Access to the exclusive group for DGNB Consultants and DGNB Auditors on the network platform myDGNB
  • Opportunity to participate in the DGNB Expert Day for your quick, compact and cost-effective further training as well as for exchange and networking with other DGNB certification experts
  • Regular newsletter for DGNB certification experts
  • Possibility to become a DGNB trainer

Additionally after proof of five successfully DGNB-certified projects:

  • Receipt of the recognised degree of DGNB Senior Auditor
  • DGNB Senior Auditor certificate in digital form
  • DGNB Senior Auditor logo in digital form incl. DGNB style guide for communicating your qualification (e.g. for your e-mail signature, website or communication materials)
  • Halving of the number of further education points required to obtain the licence (4 instead of 8 further education points per year)

You can achieve the qualification as a DGNB Auditor via various routes. The admission requirement for all routes is the title DGNB Consultant and an active licence.

There must be a gap of at least three months between your booked examination to become a DGNB Consultant and the start of your booked further training to become a DGNB Auditor.

In order to be able to maintain the title of DGNB Auditor, there is an obligation to provide evidence of 8 DGNB further education points per year as part of the licence agreement.

You can collect these points by attending a DGNB expert day or the training and further education courses offered by the DGNB Academy. With the submission and successful certification of a project, you also receive further education points. You can find an overview of the offers for obtaining a licence with the respective DGNB further education points here.

Proof of the first further education points is only to be provided in the following calendar year after signing the licence agreement. The general licensing conditions can be found here.

 DGNB member
Member of a Chamber of Architects
DGNB non-member
Become a DGNB Auditor via a seminar paper790 €990 €
Become a DGNB Auditor via a supervised audit1190 €1490 €
Become a DGNB Auditor in full time (2-day intensive course)1290 €1675 €
Become a DGNB Auditor via a initial applicationfree of chargefree of charge

All prices exclude VAT.

How to become a DGNB Auditor

Within the framework of a project audit, you will apply selected DGNB criteria in concrete terms. The application takes place in the form of a seminar paper with a subsequent presentation of the results.

In a fictitious audit for certification, you will practise using the DGNB System and also gain a basic understanding of its application within the individual disciplines or DGNB Certification criteria. The tasks assigned within the audit are divided into the following work steps:

  • Research of relevant data for individual criteria from various data sources
  • Evaluation and classification of the determined data as well as evaluation within the DGNB criteria
  • Dealing with the weighting table in the DGNB System
  • Documentary preparation of the results

There are approximately three months between receipt of the task and the final workshop. As a rough guideline, we estimate approx. 60 to 80 hours for working on the project at home.


You will work independently on the audit of a real project to be certified under the DGNB System. You will be accompanied by an experienced DGNB Auditor who holds a valid licence and has already successfully submitted at least one project to the DGNB for certification.

You can use the DGNB expert search to independently find an experienced DGNB Auditor to act as your mentor during the audit. The project in question must already be registered with the DGNB before you can register for the supervised audit at the DGNB Academy. Projects can be registered by DGNB Consultants.
Note: Projects that are to be awarded a multiple certificate or pre-certificate are not suitable for a supervised audit.

Upon successful completion of the DGNB Certification of your project and signature of the licence agreement, you will be awarded the title of DGNB Auditor. The invoice for the supervised audit will be issued afterwards.


In a tight 2-day programme, including evening events, we will prepare you to competently audit projects for DGNB Certification.

Experienced DGNB Senior Auditors will provide you with the necessary start-up support to accompany projects in the future, from client consultation to the successful completion of DGNB Certification. Other experts from our network will provide additional impetus in lectures and support you in workshops. Prior to the event, you will receive an exercise to give you an initial feel for working with DGNB criteria. The completed exercise is a prerequisite for participation in the event and will be discussed during the 2-day programme.

Training contents at a glance:

  • Starting the audit: advising clients, understanding the project and classifying it for a pre-check
  • Managing the offer and contract for auditor services securely
  • Carrying out a pre-check and using it for project and team management
  • Calculating your own audit services and organising coordination
  • Successfully monitor, accompany and document the audit during realisation
  • Use DGNB tools correctly and integrate them into the process
  • Correct use of the DGNB software for in-process audit processing

With coffee breaks and lunch breaks including catering, we also offer you space for informal exchange with other participants and our experts. The training ends with an evening programme and the ceremonial awarding of your title as a DGNB Auditor.

The training is held in German.


In consultation with us, you can become a DGNB Auditor by participating in the initial application phase of a new system development. To do this, you must be able to demonstrate professional experience in the relevant field and bring a suitable project to the workshop, which will be submitted to the DGNB for certification later in the year. Participation in all criteria development workshops is compulsory and free of charge.

The aim is to test and optimise a draft criteria in terms of its applicability and practicability in real projects. In the workshops, experiences from the projects are exchanged and possible adjustments are discussed.

The following new variants of the DGNB System are currently under development

  • Transport infrastructure

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at ausbildung@dgnb.de.

Dates and registration

Become a DGNB Auditor


Please note: As the trainings are held in German, please switch to German language settings to make a booking.

Frequently asked questions about the DGNB Auditor

To become a DGNB Auditor, you must already be a licensed DGNB Consultant. You can obtain the qualification as a DGNB Auditor in several ways, which differ in the admission requirements:

  • through a seminar paper
  • through a supervised audit (project according to DGNB System for Buildings or Districts, no multiple certification, no pre-certificate)
  • through a full-time 2-day intensive course
  • through a initial application (participation in the initial application phase of a new system development)

In order to be allowed to use the title DGNB Auditor as well as the logo and to submit projects for DGNB certification, we require the signing of a licensing agreement. You can find the general licensing conditions here.

There is no licence fee. As a licensed DGNB Auditor, you have to fulfil your annual further education obligation in order to maintain your licence. You can obtain DGNB further education points by participating in events for which a fee is charged.

With the advanced training as a DGNB Auditor, you are first of all a DGNB Auditor for buildings. An extension to the system variants for districts or interiors can be obtained by attending the respective pracitcal modules.

In order to be able to audit buildings in use, a qualification as a DGNB ESG-Manager is required. You can obtain this by attending the expert course "Sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management". Please note the discounted events offered especially for existing DGNB Consultants and Auditors. After attending the expert course, you are allowed to use the degree of DGNB ESG Manager. An additional exam is not required.

If you have completed your training as a DGNB Auditor with one of the DGNB System partners, you just need to have three successfully submitted projects for certification. In this case, please send an email to ausbildung@dgnb.de.

Your licence as an International DGNB Consultant is limited to the submission of projects in countries where there is no local version of the DGNB System so far.

If you would like to be active in the German market or in countries of DGNB System partners in the future, participation in the following events is required:

If you would like to extend your international licence, please contact us by e-mail via ausbildung@dgnb.de.

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