Specific applications of the DGNB System

Which special forms of certification the DGNB offers

In addition to the usual form of DGNB Certification for individual projects, there are also a number of specific applications: From multiple and serial certification to the application of the DGNB System for exceptional types of use. The DGNB also offers three special awards: the DGNB Diamond, the DGNB "Climate Positive" award and the DGNB special award Ecolabel.

DGNB Zertifizierung für zahlreiche Projekte der ECE auf der Expo Real 2021

How the procedure of a DGNB serial, multiple or portfolio certification works

If you have several buildings that are similar in construction and want a simplified certification process for them, the DGNB has a suitable offer.

DGNB Bewertungsgraphik als Messeboden

DGNB Flex: How certification functions without a suitable scheme

You want to have a project certified by the DGNB, but there is no suitable scheme? This is where DGNB Flex comes in.

Rohbau eines DGNB zertifizierten Gebäudes im Rahmen einer Baustellenführung

DGNB Certificate "Core and Shell"

Learn more about the DGNB certificate for projects with an unfinished interior construction.

Hände mit der DGNB Diamant Urkunde für DAW
DGNB Diamant Urkunde für DAW

DGNB Diamond: The award for design quality and Baukultur

The "DGNB Diamond" award is unique worldwide and recognises projects for outstanding design quality.

DGNB Auszeichnung "Klimapositiv"

Carbon neutral in operation: The DGNB "Climate Positive" award

Buildings that are carbon-neutral in use can receive the DGNB "Climate Positive" award in addition to the certificate.

Handschlag zur Kooperationsunterzeichnung der DGNB und der HafenCity Hamburg im Rahmen der Expo Real 2022
Expo Real 2022: (v.l.n.r.) Dr. Andreas Kleinau und Johannes Kreißig

DGNB special award Ecolabel

The Certificate by DGNB and HafenCity Hamburg for the urban development areas HafenCity, Billebogen, Grasbrook and Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld.