ESG and Sustainable Finance

Backgrounds, contexts as well as services offered by the DGNB

By signing the Paris Agreement on climate change, in 2015 the countries of this world committed to limit the global temperature increase to 2°C and to make efforts to reach no more than 1.5°C. To do its part, the European Union has called for the transformation of the European economy into a pioneer of a sustainable and carbon neutral society. According to estimates, this transformation will require annual investments of 175 to 290 billion euros as well as new structures, which will be bundled within the so-called European Green Deal. One of the key areas addressed by the EU is "Sustainable finance". At its core, it is about reorienting capital flows towards a more sustainable economy.

In parallel to this political development, it can be observed that sustainability aspects have gained in importance as factors for economic (investment) decisions by private investors. In line with and as a result of increased demand, the range of financial services that appeal to customers under the heading of "sustainability" is growing. These include green bonds, green mortgages, and (national) subsidy programmes, to name just a few.

Key factor for a sustainable construction and real estate sector

For the construction and real estate sector, sustainable finance is a key factor in the transformation towards greater sustainability. On the following pages you will find a kind of "toolbox" that gives you an overview of the background and context as well as some key terms. In addition, we present a range of DGNB activities and services on the subject that you can use in your work and projects.

Frankfurter Quartier

ESG-Verification for the EU taxonomy

The DGNB offers ESG verification for the real estate sector to check the conformity of real estate with the criteria of the EU taxonomy.

DGNB ESG-Manager: Inhalte auf Karteikarten

Training to become a DGNB ESG Manager

Become an accredited expert in sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management.

Research on sustainable finance

The DGNB is involved in numerous research projects. CREATE focuses on climate-neutral buildings and sustainable property financing.

The DGNB Executive Board and the Board of Directors are advised by the DGNB Real Estate Committee on all real estate-related issues.


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