Price overview of the DGNB Academy

Find all the information on the costs of our further education and training courses in the overview

We at the DGNB Academy follow a uniform pricing model in the structure of our offers. The discounts listed below apply to employees of DGNB member organisations and members of the chambers of architects. Students can book the DGNB Registered Professional course at a reduced price upon presentation of a valid certificate of enrolment.

 OfferDGNB member,
Member of a Chamber of Architects*
DGNB non-memberStudent
Expert for life cycle assessmentLife Cycle Assessment compact course450 €590 €330 €
 Exam expert for life cycle assessment110 €160 €110 €
DGNB Registered ProfessionalCompact course Basics of Sustainable Building450 €590 €330 €
 Exam DGNB Registered Professional290 €340 €110 €
DGNB ConsultantSystem module 1195 €275 € 
 System module 2195 €275 € 
 System module 3195 €275 € 
 System module 4195 €275 € 
 Practical module300 €440 € 
 Exam DGNB Consultant490 €630 € 
 Exam DGNB Consultant (with the degree DGNB Registered Professional)390 €490 € 
DGNB AuditorSupervised audit790 €990 € 
 DGNB Auditor training1690 €2090 € 
 Initial application for DGNB System developmentfree of chargefree of charge 
DGNB ESG-ManagerBasic course "Sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management"225 €290 € 
 Expert course "Sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management"550 €770 € 
 Expert course "Sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management" (condensed; with the degree DGNB Consultant or DGNB Auditor)300 €440 € 
 Exam DGNB ESG-Manager290 €340 € 
International DGNB Consultant**International DGNB Consultant training incl. exam1090 €
(also for members of DGNB system partners)
1390 € 
 International DGNB Consultant training incl. exam (with the degree DGNB Registered Professional)872 €
(also for members of DGNB system partners)
1112 € 
DGNB expert daysDGNB expert day "Sustainable Building"360 €425 € 
 DGNB expert day "Certification"360 €425 € 
 DGNB expert day "Sustainable Real Estate Management"360 €425 € 
Seminar programmesee seminarfrom 150 €from 195 € 
Specific training offerssee trainingfrom 215 €310 € 

All prices exclude VAT.

Groups (from 10 persons)
For group bookings of 10 people or more, please contact us by email at

*The reduced fees apply according to the DGNB fee schedule for all ordinary members of the DGNB and their employees.
Furthermore, the reduced fees apply to members of a Chamber of Architects.

**Note: The prices quoted apply to the International DGNB Consultant events organised by the DGNB Academy. Prices may vary slightly for events offered by DGNB system partners or DGNB Academy partners.

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