DGNB for owners and tenants

Keeping an eye on your own properties: The DGNBs services for building users

The sustainable management of existing buildings is one of the central tasks of today's construction and real estate industry. The focus is just as much on sustainable refurbishment measures as it is on the sustainable, climate-friendly operation of buildings. For owners, it is about investment security and minimising risks. Tenants and owner-occupiers benefit from lower operating costs and rooms with a positive effect on the well-being of the users.

At the DGNB, owners and tenants find suitable tools with which they can manage their properties in a targeted, ecological and cost-effective manner – always in line with the applicable laws and standards, ESG requirements and compliance regulations. They also gain access to the knowledge they need for sustainable property management.

More than new construction: Why DGNB Certification is worthwhile

It doesn't always have to be new construction: The DGNB also has its own variants of DGNB Certification for buildings in use, renovation and many other tasks in dealing with existing buildings. Also on offer: the DGNB System for Interiors.

The most important facts about the DGNB System

Benefits of DGNB certification

Criteria and schemes

DGNB System for interiors

Strategic approach to climate neutrality: the DGNB System for Buildings in Use

The DGNB has its own certification system for buildings in use, with which properties are systematically guided towards climate neutrality. The transformation and management tool helps owners and tenants to comply with regulatory requirements, optimise consumption and increase user satisfaction. The DGNB "Climate Positive" award is also achievable.



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Keeping an eye on all regulations: Qualification as a DGNB ESG Manager

As part of the DGNB Academy, you can train to become an expert in the field of ESG.


Become active yourself: Guide to a climate-positive building stock

Find out what opportunities you have to actively participate in the transformation of our building stock.


The independent expert network of the DGNB

Several hundred experts of sustainable building are involved in the non-profit association. Here you can find out who is involved.

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Basic knowledge about sustainable planning and building

The DGNB Academy has the right course for anyone who wants to understand what is important in sustainable building.


The perfect introduction to the topic: the DGNB Reports

Our numerous free DGNB publications offer a good introduction to the facets of sustainable planning and building.