Supervised Audit

Become a DGNB Auditor via a supervised audit by an experienced DGNB Auditor

You will work independently on the audit of a real project to be certified under the DGNB System – supervised by an experienced DGNB Auditor who holds a valid licence and has already successfully submitted at least one project to the DGNB for certification. You can use the DGNB expert search to independently find an experienced DGNB Auditor to act as your mentor during the audit.

The project in question must already have been registered with the DGNB by you or your supervising DGNB Auditor before you can register for the supervised audit at the DGNB Academy.  The registration for the supervised audit must also be sent in at least six months before project submission to the DGNB. Your supervising DGNB Auditor is responsible for the submission of the project.

DGNB Auditor is the highest qualification you can achieve at the DGNB Academy. The prerequisite for this training is the DGNB Consultant
Upon successful completion of the DGNB Certification of a project through the supervised audit and subsequent signing of the licence agreement, you will receive the title DGNB Auditor. The invoice for the supervised audit will be issued afterwards.

Details of the supervised audit

This option to becoming a DGNB Auditor is particularly suitable for in-house training of existing DGNB Consultants.

Individual combinations are also possible. The supervising DGNB Auditor is responsible for the submission of the DGNB certification project and thus confirms the quality of the future DGNB Auditor's preparation.

  • All market versions of the DGNB System are suitable for a supervised audit, with the exception of the DGNB System for Buildings In Use. 
  • Buildings that have already been completed and are aiming for DGNB Certification for New Construction of Buildings are also suitable for a supervised audit. Please note that in this type of project you will learn how to prepare evidence for certification, but you will not gain experience in influencing a project at an early stage.
  • International projects and projects that are to be awarded a follow-up certificate for multiple or serial certification or a pre-certificate are not suitable for a supervised audit.

Once you have found a licensed and experienced DGNB Auditor to mentor you, you should be involved in the project from the early planning stages. You will need to accompany all phases of the project and prepare the relevant verifications yourself.

The following DGNB Criteria (using the DGNB System for New Construction as an example) should at least be addressed by you as a future DGNB Auditor – either through independent implementation, preparation and verification, or by accompanying a tender and subsequent preparation for verification:


Environmental quality

  • ENV1.1  Building life cycle assessment / ENV1.1 Climate action and energy (DGNB System New Construction, Version 2018 and Version 2023)
  • ENV1.2 Local environmental impact (Version 2018 and Version 2023)


Economic quality

  • ECO1.1 Life cycle cost (Version 2018 and Version 2023)
  • ECO2.6 Climate resilience (Version 2023)
  • ECO2.7 Documentation (Version 2023)


Sociocultural and functional quality

  • SOC1.2 Indoor air quality (Version 2018 and Version 2023)
  • SOC2.1 Design for all / SOC2.1 Barrier-free design (Version 2018 and Version 2023)


Technical quality

  • TEC1.6 Ease of recovery and recycling / TEC1.6 Circular construction (Version 2018 and Version 2023)


Process quality

  • PRO1.4 Sustainability aspects in tender phase (Version 2018 and Version 2023)
  • PRO2.3 Systematic commissioning / PRO2.3 Orderly commissioning (Version 2018 and Version 2023)


Site quality

  • SITE1.1 Local environment (Version 2018 and Version 2023)
  • SITE1.4 Access to amenities​​​​​​​ (Version 2018 and Version 2023)

The DGNB Auditor who supervises your audit and is responsible for submitting the project to the DGNB confirms the quality of your work.
The supervised audit for further training as a DGNB Auditor can only be recognised if the deviation from the calculated overall result of the certification project does not exceed +/- 5 percent (see licence conditions for DGNB Auditors §6, section 4 – in German).

Duration and event location

The duration and location of the supervised audit will depend individually on your supervising DGNB Auditor and the certification project.


790 € for DGNB members / members of a Chamber of Architects

990 € for DGNB non-members

Prices exclude VAT.

Please switch to German language settings to register for a supervised audit.

Upon successful completion of your first DGNB Certification project, you will receive your DGNB Auditor certificate.

You will then receive your licence application as a DGNB Auditor. To officially become a DGNB Auditor, a licence agreement must be concluded between you and the DGNB.

To register for the supervised audit, you must be a licensed DGNB Consultant.

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