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About the DGNB

The DGNB – German Sustainable Building Council was founded in 2007 by 16 initiators from a variety of specialist backgrounds in the construction and property industry who wanted to do more to promote sustainable building in the future.

A registered association, the DGNB currently has around 2,000 members throughout the world. Our members represent industry at all stages of the construction and real estate value chain, from architects to planners, property developers, producers of building materials, investors, scientists and the authorities, all of whom provide input to the DGNB with their comprehensive know-how and experience.

In its capacity as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, the DGNB considers itself bound by a duty to serve society for the general good. Our aspiration is to raise public awareness of the necessity of sustainable building and, above all, to demonstrate that it is indeed achievable.

Becoming a member

At the DGNB, the door is open to everyone interested in investing time and effort into sustainability, although for us, sustainable building is not just about an environmental impact. We're also driven by issues beyond the current economic horizon, thinking about quality of life and the welfare of people. Being a member of the DGNB and volunteering to work with us provides tangible evidence to others of your resolve to take responsibility – something that's not only noticed by your organisation but also by society in general. Join us and become a member of a strong community of thinkers and pioneering doers.

DGNB System

In 2009 the DGNB System was developed. The certification system offers a planning and optimisation tool for evaluating sustainable buildings and urban districts. It was developed to help organisations enhance the tangible sustainability of construction projects.
The DGNB System is based on the concept of holistic sustainability, placing equal emphasis on the environment, people and commercial viability. It is used worldwide and is considered the most advanced of its kind. With methods such as the life cycle assessment, DGNB remains a pioneer among global certification systems.

DGNB Academy

The DGNB Academy gives access to expert-knowledge in order to foster a sustainable built environment. It provides professionals with precise tools and up-to-date knowledge to strengthen their skills through flexible and well-structured educational programmes. At present there are more than 3,100 qualified DGNB auditors, consultants and registered professionals in 35 countries across the globe. The DGNB Academy offers excellent learning opportunities to obtain expertise in the DGNB System and to explore current approaches to sustainable development.

Our members