The path to
DGNB Certification

Everything you need to know to successfully complete the certification process

DGNB Certification basically runs parallel to the other processes of a project. Used correctly, the certification system supports you as a planning and optimisation tool from the conception phase to completion. Undesirable developments can be identified at an early stage. This makes quality measurable and transparent.

Process of DGNB Certification

Anyone seeking DGNB Certification must consider a number of formal aspects, for instance with regard to project registration and documentation. For example, a client always needs a DGNB-qualified auditor. This DGNB Auditor supports the client and accompanies the process from registration to certification to completion.

The client concludes a contract with the DGNB Auditor and a certification contract with the DGNB. There is deliberately no contractual relationship between the DGNB and the DGNB Auditor in order to maintain the greatest possible objectivity and independence.

After submission of all required documents by the DGNB Auditor, the DGNB carries out a conformity check. Based on the resulting assessment, the DGNB awards the project a certificate in Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

What you need to be aware of during the course of DGNB Certification

There are various steps to take during the different phases of certification with the DGNB: starting with the search for a suitable DGNB Auditor, through project registration, the use of the DGNB System Software, to the payment of certification fees. Here you will find the most relevant information on the way to DGNB Certification:


Find DGNB certification experts for your project

DGNB Auditor, DGNB Consultant or DGNB ESG-Manager: Find the right DGNB certification expert for your project here.

DGNB Aufkleber mit weißer Schrift auf Glas im Innenbereich

Register your project for certification

If you would like your project to be DGNB certified, you can easily register it online.

Taschenrechner und Stift auf weißen Untergrund

Certification fees at a glance

Depending on your project type, project size and certification scheme, you will be charged different fees.

DGNB System Software

DGNB System Software: your digital tool for certification

Find out everything about the software solution for registering, processing and submitting certification projects to the DGNB.