Multiple project certification

How to certify multiple buildings using the DGNB System

The DGNB System not only enables certification of single buildings or districts, but also of multiple buildings. This could be a prefabricated housing company, a retail chain or a portfolio owner looking for a simplified certification process for similar buildings. DGNB offers three different types of certification, depending on the type of application:

Multiple and serial certification

Buildings of the same use and comparable typology in different locations may be certified multiple times or in series.

Ensemble Certification

Ensemble certification is possible for buildings of the same or similar type on the same site.

Portfolio certification

The aim of this multiple certification for the operation of portfolios is to make certification simpler, faster and therefore more cost-effective.

Your contacts

Andrea Schwitalla

Senior Consultant Multiple Certification

Angelika Bandke

Senior Consultant Serial Certification

Dr. Consolata Russelli

Senior Consultant Multiple Certification