Important facts about DGNB Certification

The most relevant information for anyone who is new
to DGNB Certification

For those who are dealing with the question of what DGNB Certification is all about for the first time and what is important to bear in mind, we would like to give an initial overview of the most important topics and tasks. First of all, it helps to understand that there is not only one type of certification. Depending on the type of use and the life cycle phase of a project, there are different variants of the DGNB Certification System. However, all these forms of certification are based on a holistic understanding of sustainability, which distinguishes the DGNB System from other available certification systems.

Ein DGNB Zertifikat in Gold

DGNB System: the Global Benchmark for Sustainability

Learn more about the fundamental principles behind DGNB's globally successful certification system.

Flyer DGNB Zertifizierung Bestand

Why DGNB Certification pays off in many ways

Are you thinking about having a project certified according to the DGNB? Here you will find some suitable arguments for it.

DGNB Kriterienkatalog - ökologische Qualität

DGNB Certification criteria: all requirements by use scheme

The specific criteria to be met for DGNB Certification differ depending on the building's or district's type of use.

Der DGNB Zertifizierungsreport 2021

Registration, finding auditors, fees: the most important formal aspects of DGNB Certification

Everything you need to know to successfully complete the DGNB Certification process

Die Bewertungsgraphik zeigt im Detail das Ergebnis einer DGNB Zertifizierung.

Platinum, Gold and Silver: all about the assessment for DGNB Certification

Find out which forms of award are available for DGNB Certification and what you need to achieve to receive them.

Verleihung von DGNB Urkunden in Gold bei der Expo Real 2022

From ceremonial to formal: this is how you can obtain your DGNB Certificate

There are various options for how we can hand over the DGNB Certificate for your project.

DGNB System International

How DGNB Certification works for projects abroad

For projects outside Germany, there is a special procedure for DGNB Certification that you need to follow.

Frequently asked questions about DGNB Certification

Find answers to typical questions about the DGNB System and its application in our FAQ.

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Director DGNB Certification

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Director Certification Body