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The DGNB System: Global Benchmark for Sustainability

The DGNB is committed to demonstrably good buildings and liveable districts for a sustainable built environment. In doing so, it aims to do no less than change the construction and real estate industry – towards a corresponding understanding of quality as the basis for responsible, sustainable action. With this goal, the DGNB is not only addressing the German market. Its activities have always been international.

The DGNB Certification System differs from other assessment systems in its holistic international approach. Since the system can be easily adapted to the climatic, structural, legal and cultural characteristics of other countries, the DGNB is able to certify worldwide. The high standard of quality is maintained. English-language criteria based on current European norms and standards can be applied quickly and easily anywhere in the world. Translations are available for many versions of the DGNB System and its criteria. You can find them here.

International versions of the DGNB System

New Construction

In 2020, we published an international version of our certification system for the new construction of buildings. This underpins the status of the DGNB System as a "Global Benchmark for Sustainability" more than ever. The current version of the DGNB Certification System is the result of the DGNB's intensive examination of the experiences of recent years and the market developments and requirements relating to sustainability and the corresponding certifications. It is also our response to the global challenges we face today.

The DGNB System for New Construction Version 2020 International includes all the criteria of the German Version 2018, as well as a criterion on fire safety. The difference is that almost exclusively international standards are used for assessment. In the few cases where no ISO standards were available, European standards were chosen or the German DIN standards were adapted as far as possible.
The special feature of DGNB System Version 2020 International is its maximum flexibility with regard to country-specific conditions. Depending on the framework conditions, it may be necessary to adapt the criteria or reference values and the weighting of the criteria in order to create tailor-made solutions for different countries. This is easily possible within the system in consultation with the DGNB Certification Body.


With the DGNB System Renovation of Buildings, Version 2022 International, we have also published an international version for the certification of renovation projects. It is based on the international 2020 version (see above) of the system for new construction and has been specifically adapted to meet renovation requirements. The system takes into account special requirements for listed buildings as well.

Document|pdf|English|15 MB

DGNB Criteria Set New Construction Buildings, Version 2020 International

Document|pdf|18 MB

DGNB Criteria Set New Construction Buildings, Version 2020 International, China

Document|pdf|English|12 MB

DGNB Criteria Set Renovation of Buildings, Version 2022 International

Cooperation with international partners

Denmark (DK-GBC), Austria (ÖGNI), Switzerland (SGNI), Spain (GBCe) and Croatia (CGBC) are the five European countries in which the DGNB works strategically with a system partner. The local Green or Sustainable Building Councils have adapted the DGNB Certification System to their local requirements and act as independent local certification bodies. Find out more about the system partners here.

Access to the knowledge of the DGNB network and the underlying understanding of sustainable building is the entry point for many experts worldwide. To this end, the DGNB Academy offers its own training to become an International DGNB Consultant. In addition, there are a number of partner organisations that offer DGNB Training locally. Please find them here.

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