DGNB Certificate "Con­stru­ction ready"

The DGNB Certificate for projects without or with unfinished interior fittings

A sustainably planned and realised project is nearing completion. The building is ready. All that is missing is the interior finishing. It is not always possible for the interior work to be fully completed by the end of the certification process or for tenant fit-out commitments to be in place for all areas. In principle, 80 percent of the interior construction must be completed in order to receive DGNB certification for buildings. Alternatively, only 25 percent of the interior work can be completed and the remaining 55 percent can be verified through tenant improvement commitments.

If both options are not possible, the Ready-to-Finish certificate offers a solution for building owners who would still like to receive a final certificate.

The other way to achieve DGNB certification

The assessment system also makes it possible to certify buildings where the tenant-dependent interior fittings have not yet been determined or have only been partially determined, without reducing the certification to the building envelope. The finishing standard certificate assesses the project-specific degree of completion in each case and reflects the corresponding quality. In this way, building owners can use the certificate for marketing the remaining rental space, among other things.

Important: If you have such a project, you must note that buildings assessed according to this system can achieve a maximum of a DGNB Gold Certificate depending on the finishing standard. This is because the quality of the remaining interior fittings is not yet assured at this stage and the relevant criteria for tenant fit-out cannot yet be fully taken into account. Nevertheless, there is a chance of a final DGNB certificate with a maximum project-specific quality statement.

Certification conditions

The condition for the DGNB Construction Ready Certificate is that all common areas, i.e. all areas outside the rental spaces, the technical infrastructure for commissioning and all outdoor facilities that are within the system boundary and are to be taken into account in the certification, have been completed.

Basically, the Construction Ready Certificate is based on the scheme New Office and Administration Buildings 2015. However, certification according to the Construction Ready System is still possible for other schemes and versions. Please discuss this in advance with the DGNB Office.

The certification process

Evaluation approach and methodology

A detailed description of the evaluation approach as well as the methodology can be downloaded here (available in German).

Learn all about the new DGNB Construction Ready Certificate, its basic idea and assessment principles in this information seminar (available in German).


A maximum of one DGNB Certificate in Gold can be achieved for the Construction Ready Certificate. As with the classic certificate, a certificate and a plaque with unlimited validity are given for your building assessed according to this procedure. The addition "Construction Ready" is indicated here in each case.

Certificate extension

Once the interior fittings have been completed, it is possible to obtain a regular DGNB Certificate at a later date for your building that has already been awarded the Construction Ready Certificate. There are two ways to do this. Firstly, it is possible to verify the quality of the finished spaces through the tenant. Secondly, it is possible to obtain DGNB Interior Certification for the areas that have not been verified. The separately certified spaces must total at least 80 percent of the DGNB assessment area.


Certification costs

There is no additional cost for the Construction Ready Certificate. The cost is the same as for normal certification. The certification process is completed when the Construction Ready Certificate is received.

If the applicant wishes to upgrade to a full certificate after the rental space has been allocated, an additional fee of € 2.000 will be charged for the additional verification of the criteria. The criteria or indicators that can be reassessed are listed in the Criteria Catalogue. If criteria that have already been fully assessed are re-assessed, additional fees will be charged. These must be agreed in advance with the certification body.

Project registration

Projects are regularly registered via the DGNB website. Only when submitting the project audit via the software, if it is clear that the minimum requirements for the degree of completion of the interior construction cannot be met, must it be noted that you are aiming for the Ausbaufertig certificate. Questions can be clarified in an individual consultation. DGNB auditors can also use the internal area of the DGNB website.

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