DGNB User Account

Your access to many digital functionalities around the DGNB

Whether for registering for events, subscribing to newsletter formats, downloading publications or using the DGNB System Software, the DGNB Navigator or the myDGNB network platform: The DGNB has a number of digital features for which you need to register.

With the introduction of the DGNB User Account, all these functionalities are bundled. Instead of having to fill out forms again and again or maintain several parallel accounts, you will only have to register once from now on. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will have access to a wide range of options on various DGNB digital platforms free of charge.

Create and register a DGNB User Account

Benefits of your DGNB User Account

One account for numerous DGNB platforms:

  • Direct booking of training courses and registration for DGNB events via DGNB website
  • Direct download of publications on DGNB website
  • Immediate use of myDGNB (with basic function)
  • Additional permissions in myDGNB (e.g. as DGNB members, DGNB auditors) after verification by DGNB
  • Access to the DGNB System Software and its integrated tools*.
  • Use of the DGNB Navigator with all functionalities*.

Use of self-services:

  • Maintenance of personal contact details
  • Maintenance of own profile in myDGNB
  • Management of your subscribed newsletter formats
  • Maintenance of your organisation's member profile on the DGNB website*
  • Maintenance of your own product pages in the DGNB Navigator*
  • Management of projects registered for certification in the DGNB System Software*

* with appropriate authorisation


Network digitally: With our myDGNB platform

With our digital networking platform myDGNB, you can make targeted contacts, set topics and learn about the DGNB.

DGNB System Software

DGNB System Software: Your digital tool for certification

Find out everything about the software solution for registering, processing and submitting certification projects to the DGNB.

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