DGNB recognised services

The certification module in the DGNB System for Buildings In Use

The principle of a DGNB-recognised service has been developed to create transparency about standardised services available on the market and their contribution to DGNB Certification for Buildings In Use. The label "DGNB-recognised service" is a module of certification. It indicates a pre-validation based on the criteria of the DGNB System for Buildings In Use. This principle shows immediately which indicators are already covered by the use of the sprecific service.

This form of DGNB recognition simplifies the verification process for the application of the DGNB System for Buildings In Use and reduces the effort and work involved. Furthermore, owners and operators receive planning security regarding the award level they can reliably achieve when using a DGNB-recognised service. The multiple certification of different projects creates particularly beneficial synergy effects, resulting in standardised processes and lower costs for owners and operators.


The recognition of services offers benefits to the service providers themselves, as well as to the owners or operators of buildings, to DGNB Auditors and DGNB ESG-Managers.

Product and service providers:

  • Transparency regarding the contribution of the respective product to the DGNB Certification for Buildings In Use
  • Using the label "DGNB-recognised service" for own communication purposes
  • Competitive advantage due to security in planning for upcoming certifications


Building owners and operators:

  • Planning security for upcoming certifications
  • Saving costs by reducing the documentation for certification


DGNB Auditors and DGNB ESG-Managers:

  • Planning security for upcoming certifications

How to get your service recognised

The recognition process and application of a service product is characterised by six steps. This process guarantees comprehensible and high-quality results.

If you are interested in having your service recognised, simply contact us by e-mail at anerkanntedienstleistung@dgnb.de. We will then contact you and arrange an appointment for the preliminary discussion.


You will then receive all relevant documents for registration and submission by e-mail. This package also includes an evaluation matrix. Please fill in the evaluation matrix and send it back to the DGNB by e-mail together with your initial evidence. We recommend seeking assistance of a DGNB Auditor or DGNB ESG-Manager. They have extensive background knowledge of the DGNB System and can therefore support you in the recognition process and ensure that it runs smoothly. A list of all licensed DGNB certification experts can be found here.

The documents form the basis for the free pre-check. This gives us and you, the applicant, an initial overview of the level of potential compliance of your facility and also records the evidence to be submitted.

Following a successful pre-check, you can register your service for the recognition. To do so, please send the registration form we sent you by e-mail to anerkanntedienstleistung@dgnb.de.


The submission of the documents for the check can be made by you as the applicant or by the DGNB Auditor or DGNB ESG-Manager commissioned by you. Please send the submission for the check by e-mail to system@dgnb.de.


The official check includes the comparison of the evaluation matrix submitted and the evidence provided, as well as the preparation of a project-specific requirements specification. The requirements specification includes three documents:

  • Document requirements
  • Documentation sheet for fixed indicators
  • Documentation sheet for variable indicators


In the results table included, a distinction is made between "fixed indicators" and "variable indicators":

  • For the indicators listed under "fixed indicators" no resubmission of evidence is required for the certification of follow-up projects.
  • For the indicators listed under "variable indicators", the DGNB Auditor or DGNB ESG-Manager must select the evaluation levels applied in the specific project and provide the necessary evidence.


With the requirements specification, DGNB Auditors, DGNB ESG-Managers and the applicant can demonstrate the application of a recognised service in the context of a certification or multiple certification.

The label "DGNB-recognised service" shows that a service product has been checked according to the criteria of the current DGNB System for Buildings In Use. After a successful check, you will receive a check report from the DGNB, which transparently presents the result based on selected indicators:

  • Guaranteed degree of fulfilment: Fulfilment of fixed indicators and lowest evaluation level of the variable indicators.
  • Maximum additional degree of fulfilment: Additional fulfilment through the highest level of evaluation on the variable indicators.

Services recognised by the DGNB are listed further down on this page. On a separate sub-page for each service, you will find general information about the service product as well as its evaluation and results.

The applicant hires a DGNB trained Auditor or ESG-Manager who registers the project with the DGNB for certification. If a DGNB-recognised service is used for the building, the DGNB Auditor or DGNB ESG-Manager can submit the requirements specification of the DGNB-recognised service to the DGNB together with the other necessary evidence for certification. The DGNB then checks the project for certification and awards a certificate upon successful completion.

Further information on the recognition process

The recognition of services is based on the criteria and indicators of the DGNB System for Buildings In Use. The system focuses on all relevant topics for sustainable building operation and long-term value preservation in just nine criteria. The fundamental structure is based on the well-known three-pillar model of sustainability and divides the essential aspects of sustainable building operation into the thematic fields of ecological quality, economic quality as well as socio-cultural and functional quality.

An overview of all criteria, including the specific indicators, can be found here. Depending on the type of service, a different combination of indicators is covered.


The check is based on the current DGNB System for Buildings In Use. In this context, the detailed terms of reference are the main evidence for the check of all types of services.

All other evidences that need to be provided are being defined in relation to the indicators covered by the service. The evidence to be submitted will therefore be determined in advance with the applicant during the preliminary discussion.

The recognition of the service by the DGNB is valid for three years. If no changes have been made to the service during this period, the applicant sends an informal email to anerkanntedienstleistung@dgnb.de confirming this before the validity expires. The DGNB then automatically extends the validity for a further three years.

The applicant is obliged to inform the DGNB immediately if their service has been adjusted. A new check is carried out by the DGNB. After a successful plausibility check of the changes by DGNB, the validity is extended for a further three years. An extension beyond this validity period is possible in the same way. The adaptation costs for the recognition will be calculated on a time and material basis.

The costs for the recognition process of services in the DGNB System for Buildings In Use, Version 2020 consist of two parts: application fee and fee for the check. Special conditions apply for DGNB Members.

 DGNB memberNon-member
Application fee2,500 €5,000 €
Fee for the check10,000 €15,000 €
In total12,500 €20,000 €

Services recognised by the DGNB

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