Circular building

Conservation of resources and appreciation of what we already have

The resources we use in our buildings are too valuable, too scarce and too energy- and carbon-intensive to be carelessly wasted or even thrown away. By applying the concept of 'circular building', we can contribute to solving the material-related supply, environmental and health problems of today and tomorrow. The key to this is the consistent implementation of circular ideas and demands, design concepts and construction details.

What is circular building?

In the sense of circular building, the actors in the construction and real estate industry (1) deal with the preservation, upgrading and activation of the building stock and perceive it as a valuable source and store of materials. They (2) make intensive use of existing material flows and created values. In addition, (3) they enable long-term use and future use in closed loops, so that no waste is produced over the entire life cycle. Taking into account ecological and health aspects, they thus promote the preservation or enhancement of the qualities and economic values of districts, buildings, construction products and materials.

As actors in a circular society, they make important and positive contributions to various sustainability goals through their circular thinking and actions. They act in accordance with natural cycles and separate their economic activity from the consumption of non-renewable resources.

Mock-up der DGNB Publikation "Im Fokus: Zirkuläres Bauen" als Flatlay

Toolbox "Circular Building"

Information, checklists, publications and more on putting circular strategies into practice.

Foto des oberen Abschnitts des DGNB Gebäuderessourcenpasses in der vollständigen Fassung. Farbiger Druck.
Foto des DGNB Gebäuderessourcenpasses in der vollständigen Fassung

The DGNB Building Resource Passport

As a documentation format, the Building Resource Passport provides a practical information base for all phases of a building's life cycle.

Personen mit DGNB Akademie Broschüre "Wissen, auf das Sie bauen können"

Related events

The DGNB Academy has developed a comprehensive series of seminars with a wide range of offerings on the subject of circular economy.

Kreislaufmodell aus dem DGNB Circular Economy Report: Make and Use
Kreislaufmodell aus dem DGNB Circular Economy Report

DGNB Committee for Life Cycle and Circular Building

The committee combines the expertise of selected experts in the field of circular construction and life cycle assessment.


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