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Further education on sustainable planning, building and operation with the DGNB System

The aim of our training courses on DGNB Certification is, on the one hand, to provide an easy introduction to the world of sustainable design, construction and operation. On the other hand, we teach further application and expert knowledge and train the correct handling of the DGNB Certification System. We have the right offer for every level of knowledge.

With further education at the DGNB Academy (with the exception of International DGNB Consultant), you will be able to apply your expertise on the DGNB System in all markets in the future - both in Germany and internationally. As a licensed DGNB Auditor or DGNB ESG Manager, you may register and submit projects for certification with the DGNB worldwide.

Degrees of the DGNB Academy

Sustainable building can be achieved on a large scale, but also on a small scale. All projects are based on an understanding of the issues involved in sustainable building. You can get a first introduction to the world of sustainable building with the advanced training to become a DGNB Registered Professional.

Students who are enrolled at a DGNB partner university have the opportunity to learn the basics of sustainable building during their studies at their university and to graduate as a DGNB Registered Professional at the same time.


The DGNB Consultant training course provides practical knowledge of the DGNB System. It builds on the fundamentals of sustainable building and is aimed at all those involved in the construction process who plan, build and operate sustainable properties. You will learn what is important for the practical application and optimal implementation of the DGNB requirements in the design, planning and construction process.

The training to become a DGNB Consultant is a prerequisite for further training to become a DGNB Auditor.


DGNB Auditor is the highest qualification you can achieve at the DGNB Academy. This advanced training is aimed at those in the construction industry who want to closely accompany, document and submit projects for DGNB Certification from start to finish.

There are several ways to qualify as a DGNB Auditor. The basic requirements for this qualification are the DGNB Consultant qualification and an active licence.


The DGNB ESG Manager training provides you with comprehensive application and expert knowledge of the DGNB System for Buildings in Use, as well as a basic understanding of European and national regulations such as the Green Deal and the EU taxonomy.

It is aimed at those in the real estate industry who want to systematically optimise and safely manage existing buildings in accordance with ESG and also submit them to the DGNB for Certification. The qualification also enables you to carry out the associated ESG verification for the EU taxonomy.


Do you work internationally and want to use your knowledge of the DGNB Certification System primarily in markets where DGNB Certification is not yet established?

The International DGNB Consultant training provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the international version of the DGNB System as well as the know-how to integrate local conditions and regulations into the certification.


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