DGNB for individual target groups

Depending on your professional background, the DGNB offers different contact points that may be of interest to you. Use the specific entry for your target group

In order to plan, build and operate our built environment sustainably, it requires the interaction of professionals with a wide range of expertise. As Europe's largest network for sustainable building and with its various certification options, the DGNB addresses all these interest groups - with a multitude of different points of contact.

However, on the one hand, not every offer from the DGNB portfolio is equally relevant for every target group. On the other hand, it is not at all easy to find the individually suitable options from the abundance of possibilities. For this reason, we have summarised the DGNB's most important offerings for different target groups on separate introductory pages.

DGNB Logo auf weißem Tresen

DGNB for newcomers: from participatory association to knowledge platform

You have had little or no contact with the DGNB so far? Then you will find everything you need to get started here.

Jemand hält Informationsmaterial zur Initiative "Phase Nachhaltigkeit"

DGNB for architects and planners: From the Phase Sustainability to the DGNB Diamond

Here you will find an overview of the options available to architects and planning offices in the context of the DGNB.

Visitenkarte zur DGNB Initiative "Klimapositive Städte und Gemeinden"

DGNB for municipalities: From climate-positive cities to district certification

Here you will find a summary of the most important DGNB offers for the public sector.


DGNB for builders and project developers: From Auditor to BEG funding

We have compiled a clear overview of how building owners and project developers can make the most of the DGNB offers.


DGNB for investors and the real estate industry: From certificate to ESG verification

Here we highlight the opportunities that the DGNB offers to investors and other stakeholders in the real estate sector.

DGNB Plaketten Varianten: Papiermaische, Holz, Aluminium

DGNB for owners and tenants: From ESG manager to climate-positive certification.

We list what potential the DGNB offers for property owners and tenants.


DGNB for the construction industry: From sustainable building sites to multiple and serial certification

Which DGNB offers are particularly interesting for companies in the construction industry? Here is the answer.


DGNB for product manufacturers: From the Navigator to the Sustainability Challenge

We present the opportunities that manufacturers of building products have to make the most of the DGNB.


DGNB for universities and students: From basic knowledge to cooperation

The DGNB also offers various opportunities for universities and students.