Benefits of a DGNB membership

Why it is worthwhile for you to become a member of the DGNB

At the DGNB, you share your knowledge and use that of other experts to jointly shape the path towards a sustainable built environment. As a DGNB member, you support us in our strategic work. You are there when new standards are set in the design, construction and operation of buildings and benefit from the exchange with other pioneers and like-minded people.

Every DGNB membership is individual: an overview of the possible benefits

What do you gain from membership of the DGNB? That is entirely up to you. Because as diverse as the DGNB's member organisations represent the entire value chain of the construction and real estate industry, the benefits you can derive from your membership are just as individual. You decide for yourself how much of your personal time you want to invest to get the best out of it. Look for our offers that bring you real added value in your activities and in the realisation of your goals.

Even if you are a member of us as an organisation, each of your employees can take advantage of the benefits of DGNB membership and become actively involved in the work of the DGNB.

Contribute with your expertise

As part of your membership, there are numerous options for how you can make an active contribution towards greater sustainability and the transformation of the construction and real estate industry.

Share your knowledge and experience to further develop the DGNB certification system and its sustainability criteria. Comment on drafts and participate in pilot phases for new developments of the DGNB System. Or bring in your expertise to content workshops or seminars at the DGNB Academy.

Providing impetus and advancing topics

We also rely on the exchange of knowledge with our members on individual specialist topics. Help to shape new topics, advance existing topics and give your area of expertise a face. Support us with the content of publications on a specific topic or participate in DGNB position papers.

Get involved in initiatives

Phase Sustainability and Climate Positive Cities and Communities are two initiatives launched by the DGNB. Within the Phase Sustainability initiative, participating architecture, planning or engineering firms commit to including the topic of sustainability in discussions with building owners. With the Climate Positive Cities and Communities initiative, we offer municipalities the opportunity to regularly exchange information on sustainability measures and learn from the best practices of others. If you are interested in joining a DGNB initiative or would like to find out more, please contact us!

Help determine the direction of the DGNB

As in any association, you can actively participate in determining the direction of the DGNB. At the annual general assembly, for example, you can participate in the election of the DGNB Board of Directors and be present when changes to the statutes are decided.

Make contacts and find partners

DGNB membership opens the doors to Europe's largest network for sustainable building. With our member and network events, we create informal settings several times a year that promote active exchange and getting to know each other. Here you can come into contact with like-minded people in a light-hearted way, make new valuable contacts, exchange ideas with other experts in the sector and find new business partners.

Get new perspectives

The DGNB brings together a wide variety of sectors and people. It represents the entire value chain in construction and beyond - from DAX corporations, medium-sized companies, owners and investors to consulting organisations, communicators, start-ups and one-person offices. Research institutes, universities and municipalities are also involved.

A great added value: As part of the DGNB network, you will get to know new and exciting perspectives and have the opportunity to broaden your view beyond your own nose. How do other players think? What is important to them in terms of sustainability? What drives them and how can you translate these impulses for yourself?

Networking worldwide

We are also active worldwide and work together with partners abroad - be it in the context of certification, initiatives or knowledge transfer. As the official German representative of the World Green Building Council and co-initiator of the Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA), we are involved, among other things, in important strategic interfaces to advance sustainable planning, building and operation internationally.

This also means for you: With the DGNB, you have a good partner at your side if you are active beyond national borders and would like to transport the German or European approach to sustainable building into other markets. Are you interested in getting involved in our international work? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

As a knowledge platform for sustainable building, it is our aim to make the compiled knowledge of our experts in the DGNB network available to the general public free of charge. This is only possible with the support of our members.

Help yourself to our numerous publications such as background information and studies, position papers and statements or reports, guidelines and many other publications. Take part in free DGNB information events on new publications, DGNB offers or current industry topics.

DGNB members also receive a discount of around 30 percent on DGNB Academy offers. In this way, you can build up relevant expert and practical knowledge on the topics of sustainable construction within your organisation with cost-effective training and further education measures and promote your employees.

Position yourself with the DGNB brand

As a DGNB member, you send a strong signal and show that your organisation takes the need for more sustainability in the construction and real estate industry seriously and supports the work of the DGNB. Stage your membership certificate and use the DGNB membership logo and the corresponding style guide for your communication. Inform your partners, customers and the press about your activities in the association.

Use the DGNB platforms to showcase your business

Your individual membership profile gives you the opportunity to present yourself on the DGNB website. Here you can enter your range of products and services, contact persons and contact details. Supplemented by your video statement for more sustainability, which we will record with you. On the digital networking platform myDGNB, there are also many ways in which you can create visibility for yourself and your organisation.

There are also opportunities for our members to appear as partners at trade fairs and public events or to introduce themselves to the DGNB network as part of an open stage.

Offer your own DGNB-related events

We would be happy to include your own sustainability-related events in the DGNB event calendar. If you would like a person from the DGNB to speak on a specific topic at your event, you can make use of our speaker service.

Being kept up to date

With so many topics emerging in the cosmos of sustainable building, it can be challenging to keep yourself up to date. That's why it pays to follow the news and activities of the DGNB.

Via our exclusive newsletter, the DGNB member news, we inform you every two months about news from the industry, interesting publications and exciting events. Here you can also find out who has recently joined the association.

In the DGNB Blog, we highlight individual topics in a more informal way. Here you will find, for example, reviews of interesting certified projects, commentary on the DGNB's position on various topics, summaries of events and much more. If you have a contribution on an exciting topic for the DGNB Blog that does not have a promotional character and offers added value for the DGNB network, please contact us.

NEW: Use the digital network platform myDGNB

You can use our networking platform myDGNB to network online with other like-minded people. You also get exclusive access to a members' area where you can place topics and join in the discussion.

Whether it's certification, the DGNB Academy's training and further education courses, the publication of products and services in the DGNB Navigator or the use of our premises at the DGNB office in Stuttgart: as a member you save money. Our members receive discounts of around 30 percent on DGNB certification and the DGNB Academy, for instance.

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