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We are delighted that you want to join the DGNB community. Here you will find the DGNB membership application form, the DGNB membership fees and the DGNB councils bylaws. Please read these carefully and return the completed and signed application form to us by post or e-mail. Once your application has been processed, you will receive the DGNB membership certificate as confirmation of your membership.

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How to become a DGNB member in three easy steps:

1. Find out more

2. Complete your membership application

3. Start enjoying many benefits

  • After receiving your welcome email, you can set up access data and make immediate use of the members-only area in myDGNB
  • Enjoy further membership benefits
  • Receive your welcome package, offering more information on the DGNB and your DGNB membership certificate

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DGNB Member Support

Phone: +49-711-722322-23