DGNB Idea Lab

The knowledge and creativity event to search for the white spots on the map of sustainable construction

Sustainability is on everyone's lips in the construction and real estate industry - and in many different ways. There are debates, research and new developments. The question is: what do we really need? What actually helps to steer and accelerate the necessary change in the right direction? This is precisely the subject of the DGNB Ideas Lab, which takes place once a year.

The format in a nutshell

With this format, which was launched in 2023, we are looking for the white spots on the map of sustainable construction. Together, we want to identify topics and issues that are relevant to the success of the transformation of the construction and real estate sector and that are not yet in the spotlight. We want to make knowledge visible and find solutions to open questions.

The format is based on the principles of swarm intelligence and creativity. Everyone is invited to contribute their own knowledge and perspective. It can be wild and controversial. Open, but constructive. Critical but focused.

  • We get out of our comfort zone and are open to different perspectives.
  • We identify the white spots on the map of sustainable construction - the issues that have not yet been addressed, but for which we urgently need solutions to help us move forward.
  • We show where innovation is most needed - on the way to effective, rapidly implementable and scalable solutions.
  • We do this by harnessing the creativity and knowledge of everyone involved.
  • We are self-critical and question how good seemingly good ideas really are.


  • We do not try to reinvent the wheel, because the goal is not simply to make existing solutions prettier or more accurate.
  • We do not deal with marginal issues that have no transformational impact.
  • We do not put our own particular interests first.
  • Having a good time together is not the sole purpose of the event, but a positive side effect.

A look back: The DGNB Ideas Lab 2023

The DGNB Ideas Lab took place for the first time on 11 September as part of the World Green Building Week. The former Althoff Hotel in Stuttgart's Schlossgarten was used as a creative forum for exchange.

On our networking platform myDGNB, we have not only prepared a short recap for you, but have also set up a special group for all participants and anyone else interested in continuing the themes and ideas from the event or exploring new aspects. Here you can also find some impressions of the day. Join the discussion, get involved!

To the recap

To the group

Note: To view the content of the group, you must first login to myDGNB. Once you have joined the group, you will be able to write your own posts and comments and participate in the discussion. The content of the group is in German.

Many thanks to our 2023 partners!

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