Team of the DGNB office

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The office in Stuttgart is the central point for all DGNB activities. The team manages the entire certification process, from project registration to the awarding of certificates, runs training courses, coordinates committee work and supports the DGNB expert pool, implements international activities and cooperations, organises workshops and events, arranges speakers and takes care of publications. The DGNB office also supports the board of directors in organising the general meeting and the committees in their activities. It is the interface for the exchange of information between all members, building owners and DGNB Auditors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DGNB office!

Executive Board

Dr. Christine Lemaitre

Chief Executive Officer DGNB e.V.

Johannes Kreißig

Chief Executive Officer DGNB e.V. and DGNB GmbH


Dr. Timo Lehnert

Advisor Association Work

Johannes Moser

Advisor International Association Work

Manuela Wendel

Executive Assistant

Finance and Administration

Sven Feyhl

Director Finance and Administration

Marianna Sip

Manager Legal and Human Resources

Raeed Dahdal

Member Support

Simone Degen

Office Management

Holger Dietzsch

IT - System Administrator

Stefanie Edler


Lisa-Marie Hartwig


Leon Hungerbühler

Apprentice Management Assistant for Office Communication

Anna Kristina Kollotzek

Human Resources

Bernd Maier

Member Support

Stefanie Robeller

Certification Contracts and Invoices

Gertrud Scheu


Bettina Sieber

Office Management

Deborah Simon

Apprentice Management Assistant for Office Communication

Kim Witzke

Apprentice Management Assistant for Office Communication

PR, Communications and Marketing

Felix Jansen

Director PR, Communications and Marketing

Katrin Wolf

Manager Trade Fairs, Events and Partnerships

Miryam Bah

Community Management myDGNB

Tamira Bethke


Jana Manuela Burczyk


Marlies Ibele

Trade Fairs and Events

Levke Maria Kehl


Emily Meyle

Dual Student Business Administration

Falk Müller-Sommer

Project Manager Marketing

Tamara Pirslin

Dual Student Business Administration

Simone Pitzal

Project Manager Trade Fairs and Events

Witali Riffel


Nathalie Schadt

Events and Speaker Service

Mieke Schleife

Communications Designer

Christine Schröder

Project Manager PR and Media

Julia Treiber

Trade Fairs and Events

Simone Vaihinger


Paulė Voß

Communications and Marketing

Marlen Wörz

Trade Fairs and Events

Research and Development

Dr. Anna Braune

Director Research and Development

Dr. Kathrin Quante

Manager System Development

Miriam Laudien

Research Projects

Isa Raus

Research Projects

Ursula Schehrer

Senior Project Manager Districts

Carla Schweizer

Project Manager Research Projects

Eva-Maria Stumpp

Research Projects

Isabell Viola Wellstein

Research Projects

Network and Consulting

Dr. Stephan Anders

Director Network and Consulting

Christian Bergmann

Member Support

Svenja Dickmann

Project Manager Districts

Annelie Günther

Consulting & Trainings

Matthias Schäpers

Senior Project Manager Climate Positive Cities and Communities

Karen Sternsdorff

Senior Consultant Certification Buildings

Nicole Valentini Fedrizzi

Sustainable Districts

DGNB Academy

Maresa Schmid

Director DGNB Academy

Mario Schneider

Director DGNB Academy

Ingrid Höll

Trainings & Queries

Gert Ritter

Course Content

Sayli Sanjay Sarolkar

Trainings and Bookings

Maria Tobulidou

E-Learning and Trainings

Dagmar Wolf

Inhouse Services

Maya Worm

E-Learning and Trainings

Eda Yilmaz

Seminars and University Partnerships

Elena Zuliani

Trainings and Examinations

DGNB Certification

Ralf Pimiskern

Director DGNB Certification

Seema Issar

Manager Buildings In Use / Sustainable Finance

Alice Gerstner

Consultant Certification Buildings In Use

Melisa Körükmez

Consultant Certification Buildings In Use / DGNB Navigator

Archie Parakh

Certification / EU Taxonomy

Yvonne Potyka

Certification Residential Buildings

René Traunspurger

Senior Consultant Certification Buildings

Certification Body

Markus Kelzenberg

Director Certification Body

Levan Ekhvaia

Manager International Certification

Angelika Bandke

Senior Consultant Serial Certification

Helen Brinschwitz

Certification Administration

Sarah Dieter

Certification Administration

Sebastian Künzer


Katrin Löchner


Shizhe Ma

International Certification

Sreeparna Mitra

International Certification and Trainings

Daniel Neuhaus

International Certification

Anna-Maria Pfeil

Certification Administration

Dr. Consolata Russelli

Senior Consultant Multiple Certification

Tina Schindler

Business Analyst

Andrea Schwitalla

Senior Consultant Multiple Certification

Theda Witte

Certification Infrastructure and construction areas


Janine Gölz

Manager Digitalisation

Laura Finkele

DGNB Navigator

Sarah Zenk