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Sustainability in implementation: Which DGNB offerings are particularly relevant for companies in the construction industry

The best sustainable planning is of little use if it is not ultimately translated into construction reality by the companies carrying it out. The role of the construction industry in sustainable building is therefore important – especially given the enormous scalability of the processes involved. Many companies in the construction industry now have their own sustainability departments, staffed by experts trained at the DGNB Academy.

On the one hand, the construction industry is confronted with the DGNB through the construction of new buildings or renovation projects that are registered for certification. But there are also numerous other points of contact. These are, for example, the DGNB Certification specifically for construction sites. Or the variant of the DGNB System for sustainable building deconstruction, which focuses on the aspect of circular building. In the case of prefabricated house manufacturers, the principle of series certification has also become established - now also with matching funding opportunities.

Sustainable building: The issues facing the construction industry

The construction and real estate industry is responsible for a large share of CO2 emissions. Accordingly, it is important that companies in the construction industry lead the way in sustainable building. Sustainability is more than just climate action and resource protection. Learn more about the DGNBs holistic, life-cycle-oriented approach to sustainability.

About sustainable building

Building and climate action

Circular building

Why DGNB Certification is worthwhile

Certification is about more than just marketing. It is about holistic quality assurance in planning and implementation, risk minimisation and investment security as well as independent verification. It is not only about new buildings. There are separate DGNB Certification variants for practically every planning, construction and utilisation phase.

About the DGNB System

Added value of certification

The path to DGNB certification

DGNB System for Construction Sites

Planning and operating a construction site is a complex process. It requires precise preparation, prudent monitoring and quality execution from both clients and construction companies – especially if the various sustainability requirements are to be taken into account. As a planning and management tool, the DGNB System for Construction Sites can be a decisive help.

The DGNB Construction Site Certificate

Die Bewertungsgraphik zeigt im Detail das Ergebnis einer DGNB Zertifizierung.

Multiple and Serial Certification: sustainability in series

There is a separate DGNB offer for the certification of buildings of the same use and comparable typology at different locations.

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Sustainable deconstruction instead of demolition

The DGNB System for Deconstruction of Buildings creates transparency and ensures greater resource conservation.


Making your own employees fit for sustainability

Find out everything about the DGNB Academys range of training and further education courses.

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The perfect introduction to the topic: the DGNB Reports

Our numerous free DGNB publications offer a good introduction to the facets of sustainable planning and building.