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Knowledge you can build on: How the DGNB works with universities to reach students.

One key on the way to more sustainability in planning and building practice lies in imparting the necessary expertise in university education. If it is possible for the architects, planners and civil engineers of the future to deal with the requirements of sustainable building as a matter of course, the transformation to sustainability as the new normal will work.

The DGNB works closely with colleges and universities around the world - within the framework of university partnerships and in joint research projects. Students receive the necessary professional know-how to start a career as sustainability specialists parallel to their studies. They also gain access to the largest network of experts in Europe.

DGNB Registered Professional course - understanding the issues and topics that are pertinent to sustainable building

Already during their university studies, students of architecture, engineering or other disciplines have the opportunity to specialise in the topic of sustainability in construction. For example, many universities and colleges offer the DGNB Registered Professional course. The associated examination to become a DGNB Registered Professional provides the ideal entry point to position oneself as a prospective expert in the growth market of sustainable building.

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How to become a DGNB Registered Professional

University cooperation with the DGNB

The DGNB has been working closely with universities and colleges in Germany and abroad for many years. Within the framework of university cooperation with the DGNB, there are various opportunities for them. They can position themselves as a university that explicitly cares about sustainability. In addition, through cooperation with the DGNB in the area of basic education, they can enable their students to become sought-after experts in sustainable construction.

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Outstanding research projects wanted:
the DGNB Sustainability Challenge

Every year, the DGNB organises its Sustainability Challenge to seek out innovators in sustainability in the construction and real estate industry. There is also a separate "Research" category. In addition, the DGNB awards a special student prize. The application phase runs at the beginning of each year. The three finalists per category present themselves at the DGNB Sustainability Day, among other events.

All about the DGNB Sustainability Challenge

To the DGNB Sustainability Day

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Involvement in the DGNB committees

Many university representatives take the opportunity to actively contribute their know-how to the DGNB.


Free of charge and of high quality: the DGNB publications

The cost-free DGNB reports are an ideal introduction to the world of sustainable building.


Criteria catalogues for DGNB certification

The requirements of various system variants of the DGNB certification can be read free of charge.


Master's theses & Co.

This is how we support students with questions related to the DGNB that arise in the course of their theses.


Working for the DGNB

Whether permanent position, apprenticeship or internship: the DGNB offers these opportunities.