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Depending on what stage your project is at, what type of building you want to certify, what evidence you need or whether you just want advice: Different DGNB certification experts have different core competencies that you should know about before you start looking.

We have summarised the skills of our trained DGNB certification experts here.

Our DGNB certification experts can be commissioned as independent sustainability consultants by the client, planners or construction companies. The certification experts may also be employed by the client's company (e.g. builder, general contractor, etc.) as internal sustainability consultants. In both cases, they are contractually independent of the DGNB.

In brief: the services of the DGNB certification experts

A DGNB Auditor is a sustainability advisor and system user who has knowledge of the DGNB Systems for New Construction, Renovation and Deconstruction and applies this knowledge to your project in a targeted manner. Some DGNB Auditors have also specialised in the DGNB Systems for Districts and/or Interiors through further trainings.

The auditor accompanies and documents your project according to the criteria of the DGNB System and submits it for pre-certification or certification. At the beginning, they can prepare a pre-check for your planned building project to see how your project performs in the overall system. Together with you, the desired award level (Silver, Gold or Platinum) and the measures required to achieve it are then determined. During the project, the auditor acts in an advisory capacity when it comes to the necessary steps in the certification process. They support and accompany you from the registration to the certification and to the awarding of your DGNB Certificate.

Your project can be registered by yourself, a DGNB Consultant or your DGNB Auditor. However, only your auditor can submit your project to the DGNB for an independent conformity check, as only they can compile and submit the necessary documents and answer any queries from the DGNB. DGNB Auditors are also qualified to accompany and submit your project for DGNB Certification in connection with the quality label "Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude" for BEG funding at the DGNB.

For more information about the services of a DGNB Auditor, please see this document (download):

Service profile DGNB Auditor (in German)

A DGNB Consultant is familiar with the DGNB Certification System and knows what is important for the practical application and optimal implementation of DGNB requirements in the design, planning and construction process. They can advise you on DGNB Certification and support a DGNB Auditor in monitoring and documenting certification projects. With regard to BEG funding, the DGNB Consultant acts in an advisory capacity, but cannot submit your project to the DGNB for certification. This requires collaboration with a DGNB Auditor.

A DGNB ESG-Manager is the DGNB certification expert for sustainable and ESG-compliant real estate management using the DGNB System for Buildings In Use. They have the knowledge required to assess the sustainability of a building's operation, plan the necessary measures with you, monitor them consistently and, if necessary, identify and implement the measures required. 

The DGNB ESG Manager accompanies and documents the entire certification process of your existing building, advises you on the next steps during the project and submits your project to the DGNB for a conformity check.

The DGNB ESG Manager is familiar with the regulatory requirements at national and European level (EU taxonomy). They are therefore qualified to carry out the ESG Verification for the EU Taxonomy and can submit this to the DGNB on your behalf for an independent conformity check.



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