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Im Fokus: Zirkuläres Bauen

This document aims to promote a common understanding of the concept of circular building and its strategic embedding in individual building projects. It is intended to support stakeholders in the construction and real estate industries in discussing and defining individual goals and priorities for each project at an early stage, and in orienting their companies and organisations towards circularity. In this way, they can take a stand for the urgently needed change and actively contribute to the increased implementation of circular construction in practice as an important contribution to sustainable building. | Please note: The publication is currently only available in German.
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Circular Economy

Publication: 24.10.2019
In recent years the term "circular economy" has become more widespread and has also become a relevant topic in construction. The concept upon which the circular economy is based has great potential: The availability of resources should be ensured for future generations through their appreciation, as well as reuse and recovery. The circular economy is therefore an elementary building block of sustainability and it transfers sustainability to society and its individual sectors.
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Circular Economy Taxonomy Study

Publication: 22.02.2023
The real estate sector is not prepared for the transition to a circular economy like it is specified by the European Union. This is shown by a study conducted by the DGNB together with European partners. In it, the marketability of the Circular Economy criteria of the EU taxonomy was examined on the basis of real construction projects. The resource conservation taking place today through the reuse of building components and the use of recyclates proved to be particularly challenging. In addition, there was a lack of data and methods for circular building. 38 projects of different building types from ten different countries participated in the study.
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Building Materials and Sustainability

Publication: 16.02.2023
The building materials selection has a major influence on the overall result of a sustainable building. But what really matters when it comes to choosing materials? And what information is really relevant, far from trends and marketing statements? The report "Building materials and sustainability" provides planners and builders with principles and methods to guide them in their material decisions. At the same time, it creates a basis for communication with building product manufacturers. In a compact form with numerous graphics, checklists and a selection of building material alternatives, it motivates implementation.

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