Circular building in the DGNB System

A building designed and constructed with circularity in mind can already achieve more than a third of the total performance index for DGNB Certification.

Circular building is a core theme of the DGNB System. Since the first version of the DGNB System (2008), key aspects such as the responsible use of resources, life-cycle-oriented planning of buildings, ease of deconstruction and recycling, and the avoidance of critical substances have been given high priority in the certification criteria. Particularly advanced circular solutions also have a positive impact on the assessment result through bonus points for the "Circular economy". In addition, reuse, recycling and the non-use of material resources lead to a better assessment of the CO2 and lifecycle assessment of buildings.

With the introduction of the DGNB System for Deconstruction of Buildings in 2020, the sustainable and circular implementation of the deconstruction of buildings or parts of buildings can also be assessed as part of a certification for the first time.

DGNB Criteria with special consideration of circular construction

New Construction/Renovation

  • ENV1.1 Building life cycle assessment (New Construction, Verion 2018 / Renovation - german )
  • ENV1.2 Local environmental impact (New Construction, Version 2018 / Renovation - german)
  • ENV1.3 Sustainable resource extraction (New Construction, Version 2018 / Renovation- german)
  • ECO1.1 Life cycle cost (New Construction, Version 2018 / Renovation- german)
  • ECO2.1 Flexibility and adaptability (New Construction, Version 2018 / Renovation- german)
  • TEC1.6 Ease of recovery and recycling (New Construction Version 2018 / Renovation- german)


(Please note: The criteria are currently only available in German)

  • ENV1-R Materialstrombilanz
  • ENV2-R Gefahrstoffsanierung
  • ECO1-R Risikobewertung und Kostensicherheit
  • ECO2-R Werte ausbaufähiger Ressourcen
  • TEC1-R Verwertung und Entsorgung
  • TEC2-R Sortenreine Trennung und Kreislaufführung
  • PRO1-R Rückbauplanung


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