Why people and organisations become members

Interested in becoming actively involved in changing the building and property industry or doing more for sustainability? If you are, you're in the right place. As Europe's biggest network for sustainable building, since 2007 the aim of the DGNB has been to promote sustainability in the building and property industry and instil awareness of building sustainability amongst the broader population.

By becoming a DGNB member, you will be seen to be assuming responsibility – on behalf of your organisation and society. Sustainability is not just the latest trend, it's a golden opportunity to meet the biggest challenge of our time – climate protection. And the best way to do that is to work together!

Becoming a DGNB member makes you part of a strong community consisting of 2,000 members, representing every stage of the building and property value chain (processes).

Shape the future with us

The DGNB is an organisation that is all about working together. Being a member of one of our committees allows you to actively contribute your expert opinion to a variety of issues that occupy us in the world of the DGNB. Whether you're a member of the DGNB Pool of Experts, involved in our committee work on developments to the DGNB System, a member of one of our strategy groups or helping us to write a report – share your knowledge and make use of other experts' know-how. Join us on the journey as we actively build a sustainable world around ourselves.

The place to come for more sustainability: events for DGNB members

Actively exchanging ideas – not just with other members but also on behalf of fellow members – is central to what we stand for. Make use of our events, which are arranged exclusively for DGNB members, such as the annual general assembly, our meet-and-greet days for new members and our 'DGNB out and about' events.

Your membership rates

Whether it's certification, training at the DGNB Academy, the publication of products or services through the DGNB Navigator – or you'd just like to use our rooms: if you're a DGNB member, you save money. For an overview of benefits enjoyed by members, please click here.

Becoming part of the DGNB

It takes just a few simple steps to become part of the DGNB community. Simply fill in our membership application form and set up access to our members-only area.

Before you apply, you can also use our fee calculator to work out your annual membership fee. For more information about the application process, please click here.

Our members