DGNB recognised Sustainability Ratings

For your construction loan

More and more banks want to play an active role in promoting sustainable construction. As a result, they take into account not only economic but also social and environmental criteria when granting construction loans. Often, the content of these assessments is detached from the requirements of the DGNB System. The DGNB offers a procedure for the recognition of sustainability ratings as an orientation aid for borrowers.

Banks and other financiers of construction and real estate projects can have their own methods for assessing loan applications for a sustainable construction project checked for compliance with DGNB Certification. If the plausibility check is positive, the institution can state in its communication that its corresponding sustainability financing rating is recognised by the DGNB. It is an independent verification that the same topics are applied in the individual rating procedure with comparable standards as in the DGNB Certification. Conversely, the DGNB Certificate itself serves as equivalent proof for obtaining special credit conditions, but is not mandatory.

In order for a sustainability rating to be recognised by the DGNB, the criteria of the DGNB System must be checked for compliance with the requirements of the respective sustainability rating. The rating must achieve an overall degree of fulfilment of at least 35 percent in order to be allowed to use the label by the DGNB in its own communication. In addition, the applicant undertakes to recognise the DGNB (pre-)certificates as equivalent to its own sustainability rating when granting a loan.

To have your sustainability rating recognised by the DGNB, please contact us personally. We will be happy to discuss details and open questions with you before the binding registration. You will also receive a list of the documents to be submitted. These will then be checked by the DGNB.

DGNB recognition of sustainability ratings is valid for one year. After this period, the applicant must proactively confirm the validity of the assessment in writing within three months or inform the DGNB of any deviations.

The cost of the assessment is €2,200 plus VAT.


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Seema Issar

Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance