Sustainability at school

The DGNB Game - developed by students

In the DGNB Game "Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule", you take on the role of a school principal who is competing to promote sustainability at his or her school. The aim is to implement as many sustainability measures as possible at your school, using both skill and wits. Duels, unexpected events and challenges, as well as knowledge and assessment questions, add dynamism to the game. The sustainability knowledge gained can then be applied in the real world.

For the classroom and at home

The DGNB Game is ideal for imparting knowledge in a playful way in the classroom or at home with the whole family. Players are informed about sustainable schools in an entertaining way and discover together how multifaceted sustainability aspects can be implemented in a school. The focus of the card game is to learn about different solutions and future-oriented sustainability strategies for school operations in a playful way. The reference to one's own living environment gives all players the opportunity to introduce clever ideas at their own school and thus actively help shape a sustainable everyday school life.

Game details

  •     Approx. 50 minutes to play
  •     Playable with 2-5 people
  •     from 14 years
  •     For pupils, students, trainees and anyone interested in learning more about the topic of sustainable building
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"Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule" - das DGNB Spiel (i.e. Sustainability at school - the DGNB Game)

The DGNB card game "Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule" including printable instructions. Please note: The Game is only available in German.

Printing instructions

Print on A4 paper, single-sided and in colour. We recommend FSC® certified paper with a high grammage (if possible for your printer, e.g. 300-400 g/m²) for stability and durability. Allow some time to cut out the cards.

Legal notice: "Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule - das DGNB Spiel" including the game instructions may only be downloaded, printed out and used free of charge for non-commercial personal use and for educational purposes in schools. Any other use, in particular commercial use and distribution, requires the express prior written consent of the DGNB. All copyright notices must be retained on the DGNB Game.

Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule – das DGNB Spiel was developed by the German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB e.V. in cooperation with students from the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Stuttgart (Lea Kastigen, Helena Rössle, Tristan Schwarz and Jana Wittmann) as part of the project "Juniorenfirmen auf dem Weg zum nachhaltigen Wirtschaften – Umweltprofis von morgen".


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