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The importance of sustainability in construction has grown enormously. Although the term is often associated with ecological aspects, the principle of sustainable building encompasses much more. In addition to climate and environmental considerations, it also takes into account the health and well-being of building users. It also looks at the economic efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building or district.

As Europe's largest network for sustainable building, the DGNB offers interested parties a wide range of different services to deal with the topic and build up the corresponding knowledge. These include numerous publications, training courses and other events. In the participatory association, everyone can contribute their own expertise and actively help shape the transformation. In addition, sustainability can be practically implemented in one's own project by accompanying a construction project with DGNB Certification.

More than green: our understanding of sustainable building

The DGNB has sustainable building in its name. What exactly do we mean by this? Learn more about our holistic approach to sustainability and why it goes far beyond a purely ecological focus. Discover our own toolboxes on various key topics of sustainable construction and receive compact entry-level aids.

About sustainable building

Check out the "Carbon neutral building" Toolbox

Check out the "Circular Building" toolbox

Certification: What is it all about?

Perhaps you heard about the DGNB for the first time because you noticed that a building project was awarded a certificate. Or because you are seeking BEG funding. But what exactly does certification mean? Who is it interesting for? And what do you have to consider?

About the DGNB System

Advantages of DGNB Certification

The path to DGNB Certification

BEG funding and QNG seal

Gaining a better understanding of sustainable building

Want to know more about what to consider when planning and building sustainably? Why not take advantage of our wide range of knowledge offerings? Take the basic course or the specialist seminars of the DGNB Academy. Or browse through our calendar of events and make use of our free information offers.

Further training courses offered by the DGNB Academy

Overview of all further training dates

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Treffen der internationalen G17-Projektpartner in Hamburg

Become a member and actively participate in the association

There are many ways to get involved with the DGNB - for example, by becoming a member. Find out why this is worthwhile for you.


DGNB Reports: The right reading for everyone

The DGNB regularly publishes free publications in which we highlight the facets of sustainable construction.

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Staying up to date on the DGNB

There are always new things happening at the DGNB. To make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to our social media channels or visit our newsroom.

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Living Showroom for sustainable building

We offer hands-on sustainable building at the DGNB office in Stuttgart. Come by or rent our premises.