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Sustainability is a fundamental global value for the future and is increasingly becoming the standard in the building and real estate industries. It is about much more than just environmental considerations, but also economic and social aspects. It is about the quality and sustainability of our buildings and districts.

Now is the time to start. As a planning and optimisation tool, the DGNB Certification System supports all those involved in building internationally in implementing quality in a holistic and sustainable way.

DGNB Certification – choosing to make a difference

Quality and future viability – DGNB's ambition

As an independent non-profit organisation, the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) is your ideal partner for more sustainability and climate protection in building.

Certificates such as those issued by the DGNB are increasingly required for property investments. They serve as independent proof to make both the planned and realised sustainability quality of projects transparent. Sustainability certificates contribute to an increase in value and ensure greater investment security.

The DGNB approach to sustainable buildings goes beyond the principle of Life Cycle Assessment and takes a holistic view of all three pillars of sustainability:

  • Environmental – in terms of resource and environmentally friendly buildings with a low CO2 footprint
  • Social – with a focus on people and creating a livable environment
  • Economic – with a view to the entire life cycle of buildings and economically efficient, long-term use.

The certification system can be easily adapted to climatic, structural, legal and cultural differences. This allows the DGNB to certify buildings worldwide.

Building certification with field-proven planning tools

Methods of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) have long been tried and tested at the DGNB. They have always been used as part of the certification process. The methodology used complies with international standards.

In addition, the DGNB System is harmonised with the EU taxonomy in such a way that it is possible to demonstrate compliance for your project at the same time as certification. DGNB offers its own ESG Verification for the real estate sector. Those who use DGNB's ESG Verification not only receive proof of the project's compliance with the EU taxonomy, but also a detailed report of the results and information on where there is a specific need for improvement.

More on DGNB sustainability

Building sustainably and securing added value with the DGNB Certificate

Low-CO2 and resource-conserving construction methods, as well as pollutant-free, predominantly recyclable building materials in the sense of a circular economy, protect the climate and people's health.

Long-proven tools support early, targeted planning with all stakeholders and enable transparent quality control from the planning stage through to building operation.

Sustainability certifications contribute to value enhancement, investment security and risk mitigation, and can facilitate financing.

The adaptability of the DGNB System to climatic, structural, legal and cultural particularities makes it possible to certify worldwide. English-language criteria based on current European norms and standards can be applied quickly and easily anywhere in the world.

presented DGNB awards

presented DGNB awards

countries with DGNB-certified projects

countries with DGNB-certified projects

million square metres of certified space

million square metres of certified space

Flyer DGNB Zertifizierung Bestand

More on the benefits of certification

Architects and planners, investors and building owners, product manufacturers and users – they all benefit from DGNB Certification.

DGNB-certified projects

Ecole Fondamentale et maison relais à Howald
Ecole Fondamentale et maison relais à Howald, Luxemburg
Buildings New Construction
Educational Buildings
Zalando Logistics Stettin (Gryfino)
Zalando Logistics Stettin (Gryfino), Gardno
Buildings New Construction
Logistics Buildings

Four award levels for greater sustainability

As proof of their tested quality, buildings can achieve the DGNB Certificate in Silver, Gold or the highest level of Platinum. The Bronze Certificate is intended for sustainable building operation or existing buildings.

The Green Building rating is based on criteria that are weighted differently. They vary according to the type of building, the type of use and the life cycle phase of the building. The final score is based on both the overall fulfilment of the requirements as well as the fulfilment of the individual criteria.

Find detailed information on the evaluation here

How to achieve a DGNB Certificate

  • Select and commission a DGNB Auditor to guide you through the certification process from start to finish
  • Sign a certification agreement with DGNB and register for certification
  • Have the building process documented by your DGNB Auditor
  • Submit the documents
  • DGNB checks and issues the certificate

More on how to get a DGNB Certificate

Find your DGNB Auditor!

Find out more about our DGNB Certification experts and use the search for your personal DGNB Auditor.

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Become an international DGNB Certification expert!

As an International DGNB Consultant, you are a trained expert for international DGNB Certification. You audit projects in countries that do not yet have a locally adapted version of the DGNB System. If your first project is successfully certified by the DGNB, you automatically qualify as an International DGNB Auditor.

Learn more about the DGNB Consultant now

Dates of the DGNB Academy

Upcoming trainings to become an International DGNB Consultant

21. - 25.10.2024

International DGNB Consultant Training

With the training to become an International DGNB Consultant, you will qualify as an accredited expert for DGNB Certification in an international context. The training will be held in English.

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