More Life 2 Level(s)

Evaluation of the Level(s) framework on selected real buildings and construction projects

The project and its objectives

In the More Life 2 Level(s) project, the EU Level(s) framework will be applied to ten selected buildings and construction projects. Case studies will be developed from this.

Level(s) is a voluntary reporting framework of common EU indicators to measure the environmental performance of buildings. Overall, Level(s) addresses three overarching themes:

  • Resource use and environmental performance throughout the life cycle of a building
  • Health and well-being
  • Costs, values and risks 

The overall objective of the More Life 2 Level(s) project is to promote the Level(s) framework.

Key topics

The focus of the project is on ten example buildings and construction projects to which the Level(s) framework is applied. DGNB's role is to support three projects in the application of the Level(s) framework, answer technical questions and ensure quality assurance.

Duration and partners

In addition to the DGNB, the partners involved in the implementation of the project and the development of the results include three other European Green Building Councils (GBCs): Green Building Council España (GBCe (project coordination)), Green Building Council Denmark (DK-GBC) and Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft (ÖGNI). The project has a duration of four years (from May 2023 to 2027).

For more information on the project, visit the official project website.

NOTE: This project has received funding from the European Union's LIFE programme under Grant Agreement No 101104441

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