Forschung & Entwicklung bei der DGNB

Research and development

Our goal is to spot emerging trends and building innovations early, assess them and provide detailed information on them. The research and development work carried out by the DGNB can be broken down into three main areas:



We would like to share any insights gained from in-house research projects or projects taking place within our community with our members. We do this by writing position papers and issuing statements on how everything fits together.


Working in close partnership with our members, who represent the entire building and property value chain, we continually strive to ensure that the latest developments are integrated quickly into the DGNB System – also in order to help drive innovation.

  • Ongoing development of the DGNB System
  • DGNB System committees


We organise a variety of networking instruments in the form of events, collaborative projects and networks themselves. This allows us to act as a central point of coordination between research and business. It also helps bring stakeholders from different disciplines around the same table.


Dr. Anna Braune
Director Research and Development
Phone: +49 711 722322-67
a.braune at dgnb.de

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