Environmental management in business – at the DGNB

Sustainability and environmental protection are in our DNA at the DGNB. This not only applies to our activities as an association, such as when we are certifying sustainable buildings and districts, or sharing our expertise when it comes to sustainable building. It also applies to everyone who works at the DGNB and the work they carry out every day at our head office.

Our DGNB office plays an important role in bringing sustainability to life. We built and fitted our premises with the support of our members, turning it into a Living Showroom for Sustainable Building. We welcome more than 2000 visitors to our office every year and for us, this is a good opportunity to point to the possibilities and advantages offered by sustainable building methods. At our office we have panels to guide visitors through our showroom and not only inspire others to become more conscious about their environment, but also encourage them to challenge their own way of thinking.

Anybody with an interest in sustainable building is welcome to view our offices, join a guided tour or even hire rooms on our premises for their own events.

Environmental protection – an integral part of everyday action

We are also committed to continuously improving when it comes to caring for the environment and sustainability – in all areas touched on by our business. We therefore have our own environmental guidelines. These capture how we deal with energy, waste and recycling, the office supplies and furniture we buy, how we print documents and a number of other everyday topics.

The DGNB has captured its commitment to exemplary sustainable action in its articles of association and its corporate governance code. This states: "When conducting its activities, the DGNB does everything possible to save resources and it always strives to deliver services with a zero carbon footprint. Its aim in doing so is to exceed statutory minimum requirements and deliver continuous improvement, thus acting as a role model."

The fact that this works in practice is reflected in the DGNB's nomination for the 2018 Baden-Wuerttemberg Environmental Award for Companies, which acknowledged a comprehensive range of activities relating to environmental management in business.



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