The DGNB’s role as an association – Europe’s biggest network for sustainable building

At the heart of the DGNB organization lies its association comprising approximately 2,000 members. It's these members who make the DGNB Europe's biggest network for sustainable building. These members also allow the association to reflect the interests of the entire building and property industry value chain. So they include architects, engineers, construction planners and consultants, but also project managers, development managers, investors, building contractors and the providers of building services. Then there are local authorities and trade associations, as well as the producers of building materials and companies from other sectors of industry. These members may not necessarily see construction as their core business, but they do promote sustainable building concepts in their own properties. Our members range from individuals working in an office to global corporations.

One thing that all DGNB members have in common is an interest and willingness to actively work towards achieving greater sustainability in the building and property industry. Many hundreds of experts who work for our members also contribute on an honorary basis to the work of a variety of DGNB committees. Together, they help us develop the DGNB certification system, often providing us with new ideas that help us refine people's understanding of sustainable building.

The association works in partnership with numerous domestic and international organisations, also supporting a wide variety of initiatives that promote more sustainability in the environment we build around ourselves. For example, the DGNB is the official German representative of the World Green Building Council. As a non-governmental organisation, the DGNB acts independently and is not swayed by the current political climate. It does however work on a number of issues with various decision-makers in politics – on a federal, state and municipal level – in order to add weight to sustainability in public debate.

The association also uses events, publications and a host of other activities (such as its annual award for sustainable building) to make this important topic affecting our future, along with its many different facets, accessible to a broader public audience. This helps raise awareness of the need for sustainable building methods and the opportunities these methods offer.


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