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Certify sustainable retail interiors with the DGNB

In their sales areas or shops, companies want to present their goods in the best possible way and provide their customers with a positive shopping experience. Those who take the aspects of sustainability into account when fitting out the areas benefit in many ways. For example, it is important to use materials that are not harmful to health and offer customers as well as employees a pleasant ambience: Rooms in which they enjoy spending time. In addition, it is important to take into account the possibility of a later deconstruction or conversion and to use products that produce little waste and are reusable. This is good for the environment and makes economic sense. The DGNB System for Sustainable Interiors in Shopping comprises a total of 15 criteria, which provide shopfitters with the appropriate guidelines on how to succeed in a sustainable development.

For retail interiors, there is currently no DGNB System available in English or for international certification. Please contact us for further information and if interested.

  • Promoting a healthy and pleasant sales atmosphere
  • Increasing communication in contact with customers
  • Good indoor air hygiene
  • Avoidance of building materials that are harmful to the environment and health
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Use of energy-efficient technology
  • Deconstruction-friendly construction in view of the relatively short service life

The certificate is aimed at all organisations that want to plan, implement and set up the expansion of a retail space in a new or existing building. These can be tenants, investors or also building owners. Excluded from the certification are shop-in-shop concepts where neither the technology nor the walls and floors are considered.

  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Image gain and employee loyalty
  • Planning security and clear definition of goals from the outset
  • Value-retaining fit-out
  • Contribution to CSR activities
  • Quality-assuring processes up to the handover of the keys and beyond

Compared to the scheme "Office and Administration" of the DGNB Certification for Interiors, three criteria are omitted:

  • Flexibility and convertibility
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Health-promoting offers

The certificate is valid for five years.

The scheme includes classic shop fit-outs for the food industry, i.e. supermarkets and discounters. However, the system can also be used for the retail sector and is designed for additional service areas. If office space is located on the sales floor that exceeds a 15 percent share of the floor space, then certification via the mixed use scheme must be applied.

Selected DGNB certified projects

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BOSS Outlet Metzingen, Metzingen
Interiors New Construction
Weber Original Store Amersfoort
Weber Original Store Amersfoort, Amersfoort
Interiors New Construction

Overview of all
criteria and schemes

In order to address the individual characteristics of your building project, the DGNB System takes into account a variety of criteria and schemes.
You can find an overview here.

Overview of all criteria and schemes

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To register a project, clients must first hire a DGNB Auditor. This auditor can then register the project. Auditors also accompany the entire process and take over the verification and submission to the DGNB. They are active worldwide and specialise in certain schemes.

For retail interiors, there is currently no DGNB System available in English or for international certification. Please contact us for further information and if interested.

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