Certify sustainable Resorts with the DGNB

The need for a sustainable lifestyle is unbroken. In our leisure time and on holiday, we have the desire for a relaxing, health-promoting environment. And on business trips, too, we want to behave sustainably. Resorts that are planned and built according to the requirements of the DGNB offer the appropriate framework for this. In addition to a high quality of stay for visitors, indoor air quality and the use of local resources play an important role. The DGNB System with its certification option for sustainable resorts is the first of its kind worldwide and provides support as a planning tool.

The current DGNB System for Districts, version 2020, applies to resorts.

  • Contribution to climate action through reduced emissions of greenhouse gases over the entire life cycle
  • Adaptation to climate change (rainwater harvesting; sponge city principle)
  • Promotion of biodiversity (through greening, among other things)
  • Establishment of energy cycles and re-use of materials at district level (circular economy)
  • High quality of stay and comfort standards for users in the buildings and in the outdoor area
  • Good indoor air hygiene
  • Avoidance of building materials that are harmful to the environment and health
  • Use of energy-efficient technologies
  • Low operating costs
  • High marketability
  • Use of local resources (materials and service providers)
  • Integration into the urban context (offers for non-guests)

The certificate is aimed specifically at the tourism industry, more precisely at investors and resort operators. The system is particularly suitable for new and thoroughly renovated properties.

  • Holistic consideration of all relevant sustainability requirements
  • Transparent and independent quality assurance
  • Reliable planning and clear definition of objectives from the outset
  • Risk minimisation
  • Communication of the project to the public and increase of acceptance
  • Unique selling proposition compared to competitors
  • Credible positioning as a sustainable resort
  • High user comfort
  • Cost and resource savings in operation
  • Sustainable building standard for all facilities and properties
  • International applicability and comparability
  • Contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The DGNB scheme for sustainable resorts considers both building and district criteria. In this way, the system takes into account the special feature of a resort that guests spend a lot of time in the outdoor area as well as in the buildings. The criteria required for district and building certification were, where necessary, adapted to the special requirements of resorts. This applies, for example, to the life cycle assessment, the life cycle costs or the biodiversity criterion. The certificate ultimately issued relates to the project as a whole. It documents a sustainable planning and construction standard for all properties and facilities.

While the DGNB focuses on the building itself when certifying sustainable hotels, with limited focus on the exterior, the resort scheme is based on the DGNB System for Districts, adding a number of criteria from building certification.

Briefly explained – the DGNB System for Districts

Get a first insight into the DGNB System for Districts, Version 2020 in this short video: Which criteria are relevant, which types of districts can be DGNB certified?

The criteria sets available

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DGNB Criteria Set Districts, Version 2020

Overview of all
criteria and schemes

In order to address the individual characteristics of your building project, the DGNB System takes into account a variety of criteria and schemes.
You can find an overview here.

Overview of all criteria and schemes

Project registration

To register a project, clients must first hire a DGNB Auditor. This auditor can then register the project. Auditors also accompany the entire process and take over the verification and submission to the DGNB. They are active worldwide and specialise in certain schemes.

Projects can be registered with the current DGNB System for Districts.

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