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Certify sustainable office interiors with the DGNB

With the sustainable fit-out of an office, companies not only make a contribution to the environment. They also strengthen the health, well-being and comfort of their employees. It is about creating working environments that pay attention to people's needs, where they can be creative and productive, even with each other. In short: spaces in which they enjoy spending time. This is where the criteria of the DGNB System for Interiors come into play and serve as a guideline for combining the most diverse sustainability aspects in order to plan and implement a sustainable office fit-out.

For office interiors, there is currently no DGNB System available in English or for international certification. Please contact us for further information and if interested.

  • Promoting health in the workplace
  • Increasing communication in the work process
  • Good indoor air hygiene
  • Avoidance of building materials that are harmful to the environment and health
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Contribution to social inclusion
  • Use of energy-efficient technology
  • Deconstruction-friendly construction in view of the relatively short service life

The certificate is aimed at all organisations that want to plan, implement and fit out an office space in a new or existing building. These can be tenants, investors or property owners. Anyone who uses an office and spends a lot of time indoors can use the DGNB Certificate as independently verified proof of the holistic sustainability quality of the interior.

  • Healthy, positive environment for creative work
  • Image gain and employee loyalty
  • Gaining the trust of customers
  • Planning security and clear definition of goals right from the start
  • Valuable fit-out
  • Detailed documentation of the materials, furniture and technology used
  • Involvement of users in the process of sustainable management
  • Contribution to CSR activities
  • Quality-assuring processes up to the handover of the keys and beyond

There are three additional criteria compared to the scheme retail of the DGNB System for Interiors (German only):

  • Flexibility and convertibility
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Health-promoting features

The certificate for office interiors is valid for ten years.

The scheme includes typical office fit-outs for the use of individual parties, as well as so-called shared workspace concepts. In a slightly modified form, bank branches can also be considered under this scheme.

Selected DGNB certified projects

SparkassenHaus Leer
SparkassenHaus Leer, Leer
Interiors New Construction
CBRE Office Stuttgart
CBRE Office Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Interiors New Construction

Overview of all
criteria and schemes

In order to address the individual characteristics of your building project, the DGNB System takes into account a variety of criteria and schemes.
You can find an overview here.

Overview of all criteria and schemes

Project registration

To register a project, clients must first hire a DGNB Auditor. This auditor can then register the project. Auditors also accompany the entire process and take over the verification and submission to the DGNB. They are active worldwide and specialise in certain schemes.

For office interiors, there is currently no DGNB System available in English or for international certification. Please contact us for further information and if interested.

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