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Non-profit, participatory association and Europe's largest network for sustainable building: That is the DGNB

Founded in 2007, the DGNB is now the largest network of its kind in Europe and number 2 worldwide, with more than 2,300 member organisations. The overriding goal of our non-profit association is to actively shape the transformation of the construction and real estate industry, to promote understanding of the need for sustainable building and to anchor it in the consciousness of the general public. We are committed to proven good buildings, liveable districts and a sustainable built environment.

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You can actively exchange information with others in the DGNB network via our new digital network platform myDGNB. For example, all our committees use the platform to share news, upload documents and arrange meetings. Members and all experts qualified in the DGNB receive access to protected areas where you can find the documents that are most important to you. There are also public groups on specialist topics, a job exchange or an information area on discounts especially for member organisations.


In our newsroom you will find all the DGNB's press releases, background information, statements and position papers. You will also find links to our social media channels. In addition, this section provides an overview of all DGNB Newsletters. Media representatives can register for the press mailing list here.

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In our DGNB Blog, we regularly publish articles on a wide range of topics related to sustainable building. We present DGNB-certified projects and comment on current political or social developments. We also classify new offers from the DGNB and give tips on how best to use them.

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What does certifying mean? How does BEG funding work? And what do you have to consider for a sustainable choice of materials? We regularly offer digital information events on these and other topics. These are free of charge for all interested parties. Just browse through our event calendar.

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DGNB Certification: Global Benchmark for Sustainability

As a planning and optimisation tool for assessing sustainable buildings and districts, the DGNB System helps to increase real sustainability in construction projects. It is based on a holistic understanding of sustainability that takes into account the environment, people and economic efficiency in equal measure. There are separate variants of the DGNB System for new buildings, refurbishments, buildings in use, construction sites and the deconstruction of buildings. More than 10,000 projects in around 30 countries have already received DGNB awards.

The most important facts about the DGNB System

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"The DGNB was founded at a time when no one knew what sustainability in construction meant. If you look at how far we have come as an association with our work, it is impressive. The best thing about it is that, as a member of the DGNB, it is possible to incorporate your own ideas in such a way that they have an impact."
Prof. Amandus Samsøe Sattler
DGNB President, co-founder and owner of studio ensømble berlin

More than green: our holistic approach to sustainability

Sustainable is the new normal: this is the motto the DGNB adopted in 2017 for its tenth anniversary. For us, sustainable building means more than green. Holistic and life-cycle oriented is the approach that the DGNB has always pursued. We have developed our own toolboxes on various key topics of sustainable building, which provide you with compact, practical entry-level aids.

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About the "Circular Construction" toolbox

Knowledge you can build on: Become a sustainability expert with the DGNB Academy

The DGNB Auditor qualification is the highest qualification you can achieve at the DGNB Academy. Here we prepare you to apply the DGNB System from A to Z in practice. After the training, you can work in all markets without restrictions and submit your projects to the DGNB for certification.

Everything you need to know about becoming a DGNB Auditor

With the modular training to become a DGNB Consultant, you will become an accredited expert for sustainable planning and building and DGNB certification. The training prepares you to apply and optimally implement the requirements of a DGNB certification in the design, planning and construction process in practice.

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The training to become a DGNB Registered Professional is your introduction as a prospective expert in sustainable building. Here you will receive a holistic overview of social, ecological and economic options for action in order to be able to realise sustainability in the construction and real estate sector - from an urban planning perspective to the individual building.

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With the advanced training to become a DGNB ESG Manager, you will be qualified as an accredited expert for sustainable, ESG-compliant real estate management. You will gain the necessary knowledge to systematically optimise and safely manage existing buildings in an ESG-compliant manner. In addition, we train you in extensive application knowledge of the DGNB System for Buildings in Use and how to carry out the ESG Verification for the EU Taxonomy.

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