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Getting involved in the work of the DGNB

Ever since the DGNB came into existence, our goal as a non-profit organisation has been to shape the future. Construction and the property market are subject to continual change, and the same applies to society in general. As far as is reasonably possible, our aim is to help shape this change by coming up with new ideas, concepts and initiatives.

The DGNB sees itself as an organisation that is all about working together. For us, this means anybody who is interested in actively shaping the many different aspects that relate to sustainable building can become part of our movement – for example, if they're interested in the circular economy or establishing a framework for zero carbon footprint buildings and development sites. We offer a variety of events and services for our members to become involved in the work of the DGNB.

The DGNB Pool of Experts

Keeping the DGNB System moving forward is an ongoing process and a pivotal part of our everyday work. Having a large number of experts committing time and energy to the DGNB Technical Committee plus our Pool of Experts has been of benefit in developing the DGNB system, the criteria that underlie this system and the different schemes needed for certification. These experts thus play an important and tangible role in the market, ensuring that sustainability remains top of the agenda throughout the industry. As a rule, any member can join the DGNB expert pool. If you would like to find out how to apply, click here.

DGNB strategy groups

The aim of our strategy groups is to look at different topics from a critical standpoint, discuss different options and come up with ideas for keeping up the momentum of the DGNB. The strategy groups look at a vast array of topics, from sustainable finance, to 'greenifying' buildings, LowTech, communicating sustainability, trade fair concepts and 'young professionals'. Our strategy group members are supported by other DGNB members and a mentor from the DGNB head office. Together, they work through each topic and help others by providing access to their expertise. An overview of all strategy groups will follow shortly.


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