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Climate action with the DGNB

Climate action has been a central concern of the DGNB since its foundation. In 2015, the Paris agreement decided on a global warming limit of 1.5 to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius. The consistent implementation of this would mean that we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to an absolute minimum and at the same time increase greenhouse gas sinks in order to achieve a balance of zero emissions.


With the awareness that the existing laws will not sufficiently resolve the problem, the only way currently left is voluntary proactivity. The DGNB has been working in precisely this area since 2007. We actively advocate the planning, construction and operation of buildings which will make an active contribution to climate action.

To ensure that we bring about the necessary, systematic transformation of our decisions and actions on a broad scale, the DGNB has initiated a large number of other activities relating to consistent climate action. They all show: The time for waiting is long gone! We can and must finally start discussing climate action not only in theory, but also take it seriously and tackle it pragmatically.

One example is the publication "Climate Positive: Now!" It is intended to encourage and educate. Far too much is taken out of context and discussed in abstract terms at events and in the media today. We want to counter this with knowledge and clearly structured recommendations for action. Take a look at the brochure right here or order it here.

The theoretical basis: the framework for climate neutral buildings and sites

The content of the brochure is based on our framework for carbon neutral buildings and sites, which aims to make the decarbonisation of existing buildings feasible by 2050. An important message in it is that you first need to know where you currently stand before you can make a meaningful decision on which operational or constructional measures are the right ones to guide your building towards climate neutrality.

The DGNB Certification System for Buildings in Use is a tool that helps to achieve this. Whether for individual buildings or entire portfolios: as a transformation and management tool, it provides practical assistance in developing a sustainable and climate action-oriented real estate strategy. This enables more climate protection and less risk of bad investments. Buildings that are already operating carbon-neutrally receive the DGNB Climate Positive award in addition to the DGNB certificate. It is a recognition of contributing positively to achieving climate-action goals.

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