Quality management with the DGNB System

From planning to the end of life cycle

Climate action has been one of the DGNB's central concerns since its founding. Against this background, ambitious requirements are anchored in all DGNB Certification Systems. Thus, many climate action activities are taken into account within the framework of the criteria and are positively reflected in the certification result. For example, when certifying new buildings, existing buildings or renovations, the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions or carbon neutrality over the entire life cycle of a building are positively assessed. In the management of building operations, the creation and monitoring of climate action roadmaps is rewarded.

The audit of a project with regard to its contribution to climate action within the framework of a DGNB Certification confirms to all parties involved from an external source that the goals set have actually been achieved.

Below you will find an overview of all applications of the DGNB System along the different phases of the life cycle:

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