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What does the DGNB think about important political decisions, developments in the energy industry or structural requirements? We use our position papers to position ourselves, give impetus and initiate initiatives. With our background information, we help to correctly classify current issues related to the DGNB.

Market feedback from testing the proposed Circular Economy EU-Taxonomy Technical Screening Criteria for Buildings

In March 2022, the EU Sustainable Finance Platform proposed taxonomy screening criteria for new construction and renovation of buildings that contribute to the circular economy. To evaluate the marketability of the proposed technical screening criteria, a study consortium consisting of the DGNB, the Spanish (GBCe), the Danish (DK-GBC), the Dutch (DGBC), the Croatian (CGBC) and the Bulgarian Green Building Council (BGBC) as well as the Swiss (SGNI) and Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI), and CPEA launched a joint study. At a roundtable on 7 October 2022, the study consortium presented a first intermediate report with recommendations to representatives of the European Commission and of the Platform on Sustainable Finance so that these can be taken into account in the optimisation of the criteria. The final report is planned for January 2023.

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Time’s running out – why the German BEG funding for new buildings is needed

For days now, everywhere we look we’re forced to hear outcry, warnings and worries about changes to building efficiency funding – the German BEG scheme for new buildings. The criticism being levelled at the new rule, which means subsidies will only be awarded if sustainability factors are taken into account, comes in as many guises as the topic of sustainable construction itself. We no longer want to watch what is happening without passing comment.

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A joint statement from DGNB and ÖGNI

Neither DGNB nor ÖGNI had significant business activities in Russia in the past. Nevertheless, we have decided to take action due to Russia's military aggression. With immediate effect, all our activities in Russia will be suspended until further notice. No more building certifications will be carried out in the country and no accreditations will be issued to auditors from Russia. We are already setting the course for the Ukrainian Green Building Council to join the European DGNB family. We want to make our contribution to the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine after this senseless and worthless war.

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CPEA Position: Draft Taxonomy Circular Economy / Biodiversity

The European Sustainable Finance Platform has published the first draft of the requirements for environmental objectives on circular economy and biodiversity as part of the EU taxonomy. Together with its partners from the Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA), the DGNB participated in the consultation and published a common position. For the environmental objective "circular economy", it is recommended that the economic activities "new construction" and "deconstruction" should not be considered separately. Furthermore, the terms "reuse" and "recycle" should be defined more clearly. The requirements of the environmental objectives "biodiversity" are not ambitious enough in the opinion of DGNB and CPEA.

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Recommendation to the European Commission and the Sustainable Finance Platform

This Case study provides relevant information on applying the proposed Taxonomy criteria to real case buildings. From this application, DGNB and three partner GBCs derive recommendations to the European Commission and the Sustainable Finance Platform for the adaptation of the proposed criteria. The recommendations were communicated to the EC and the SFP in the context of the official call for feedback/consultation in December 2020.

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Sustainable finance: How EU taxonomy relates to DGNB building certification

The DGNB has published a background information to look at the topic of sustainable finance and the areas addressed by the EU taxonomy. The document also outlines the most important aspects of the classification system and how it can be applied to the construction and property industry. This background information also provides a closer comparison with the activities of the DGNB.

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DGNB & Co. – the similarities and differences between building certification systems

For many people, the three leading international systems for certifying sustainable buildings – DGNB, LEED and BREEAM – are sometime used in the same breath and the public perception is that they're largely interchangeable. But if you take a closer look at the obvious overlaps between the systems, there are actually a number of fundamental differences, so it's not quite right to consider them synonymous.

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DGNB discussion proposal GEG 2050

The contents of a future German Building Energy Law in just three pages

To limit the impact of man-made climate change to an "acceptable level", our society needs to drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years starting today. With global CO2 emissions still on the increase and CO2 concentration expected to reach critical levels within 20 years (according to the latest calculations), the immediate responsibility is on politicians, businesses, public institutions, non-governmental organisations, research and education institutions to draw on every ounce of their potential. This calls for new legislative guidelines for the building sector, based on the climate protection goals.

Discussion proposal

The most important changes to Version 2018 of the DGNB System

Following a comprehensive round of feedback in the second half of 2017, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has now released the final Version 2018 of the DGNB certification system for new buildings. This new version applies equally to nine different types of building uses. 

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Comparison between DGNB and LEED market figures in Germany

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced their TOP 10 LEED countries for 2017. According to the USGBC assessment criteria, Germany ranks fifth among LEED markets outside the United States (based on certified gross floor area). This can be taken as a foundation for interpreting numbers compared to figures issued by the DGNB.

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