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  • 29. March 2021

    Impetus for more climate action in the built environment: Climate Positive Europe Alliance launched

    A new European non-profit organisation is setting out to transform the construction and real estate sector towards greater sustainability. The Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA) is a think tank that brings together expertise and market-based practical solutions for the most pressing sectoral challenges in the areas of sustainable finance, circular economy or the intelligent handling of building data and translates them into concrete recommendations for action. At the core of the Alliance’s activities are collaboration and the establishment of a cross-sector dialogue between business and policy-makers.   more

  • 19. March 2021

    Study on EU taxonomy: companies only partially prepared for requirements

    The real estate market has quite a bit of catching up to do if it wants to work through the taxonomy criteria laid down by the European Union. This is partially because stakeholders lack the data they need to fulfil the requirements. In addition, the way some of the criteria are currently defined, they are practically impossible to fulfil. This is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by the DGNB in collaboration with partners from Denmark, Austria and Spain. 62 projects involving a variety of building types in eleven European countries participated in the study. The final report is now available on the DGNB website. It also includes recommendations to the EU Commission and market stakeholders aimed at making it easier to apply the criteria in the future.   more

  • 01. March 2021

    Building for a better world: new DGNB Report on the Sustainable Development Goals

    DGNB has issued a report explaining the role buildings can play in contributing to the global sustainability goals of the United Nations. The report contrasts the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the potential impact of sustainable planning and construction. As such, it provides architects and planners – but also building owners and local authorities – with useful pointers on playing a more meaningful role in the issue of sustainable development. It also offers a comparison between the SDGs and criteria used for a variety of DGNB certification systems. The DGNB comparison demonstrates that as many as 15 of the 17 SDGs are covered by its certification for building projects.   more

  • 13. January 2021

    Sustainable building gains momentum: another successful year for the DGNB – despite Covid-19

    The DGNB strengthened its position in ‘the year of the coronavirus’. By the end of 2020, the non-profit organisation had seen a record number of new members. The DGNB Academy also made a successful transition to online training. The number of qualified sustainable building experts now exceeds 5000. In addition, the DGNB continued its success in the field of building certification, passing an important milestone on its path to internationalisation with the official launch of the DGNB System in Spain.   more

  • 19. August 2020

    DGNB and European partners initiate study on the applicability of sustainable investment criteria

    Sustainable finance has become established as a key issue in the property industry – especially now with the European Union’s announcement of its Green Deal. One particular aspect that the EU is focusing on is the introduction of a uniform classification system for sustainable activities. Its term for this: taxonomy. Working in collaboration with partners from Spain, Austria and Denmark, the DGNB embarked on a study to assess the ‘market-compatibility’ of the taxonomy. Actual buildings will be looked at to understand the impact using the new EU criteria has on the assessment procedures followed by financial institutions, owners of existing buildings and investors. A preliminary analysis carried out by the DGNB already indicate that the taxonomy criteria are accurately reflected by the requirements of DGNB certification.   more

  • 01. July 2020

    Johannes Kreißig elected to the Board of Directors of the World Green Building Council

    Johannes Kreißig, CEO of the DGNB and DGNB GmbH, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for the next two years. The WorldGBC is the global umbrella organisation for sustainable building, which is committed to transforming the construction and real estate industry towards more sustainability. The DGNB is the official German representative in the network, in which organisations from around 70 countries are involved.   more

  • 27. May 2020

    DGNB announces new international version of building certification – system for districts also overhauled

    The DGNB has completed two important reworks of its certification system. First, it has overhauled the international version of the DGNB System for New Construction Buildings. For the first time, this can now be applied to a broad variety of building schemes. DGNB certification for new construction buildings adopts a holistic approach to sustainability by considering the entire life cycle of a building, including operational efficiency, making it the most advanced certification system for buildings worldwide. It addresses all key factors with a bearing on the future performance of a building, from climate protection to the circular economy and the health of occupants. There is also now an updated version of the DGNB System for certifying the sustainability of districts. This system is a useful planning and optimisation tool in developing districts, commercial zones and industrial sites in such a way that they not only address the needs of the people who live and work there, but also make sense in economic terms, save resources and take care of the environment.   more

  • 10. March 2020

    DGNB certification: systematically reducing the carbon footprint of existing buildings

    The DGNB has released an updated version of its certification system for buildings in use. Under the new system, property owners, operators and users can plan sustainable property strategies for existing buildings, simultaneously laying emphasis on climate protection. Certification also functions as a management tool to help decision-makers pinpoint appropriate optimisation measures for individual buildings, implement continuous improvement processes and actively manage risk. Certification can be applied to entire property portfolios or individual buildings, irrespective of the specific usage category. Buildings already operating with a zero carbon footprint can also receive the DGNB Climate Positive award.   more

  • 13. December 2019

    Anna Heringer and feat.collective receive the first Building Sense Now Global Awards

    As part of the COP25 World Climate Change Conference in Madrid on 12 December, the Building Sense Now Global Awards were presented for the first time. These honor architects and planners who tackle the challenges of climate change in exemplary, culture-friendly ways with innovative design practices worldwide. The prize was awarded to German architect Anna Heringer and feat.collective, a network of young designers from Germany and Switzerland. The Nigerian architect Chinwe Ohajuruka received an honorary mention. Building Sense Now is an initiative launched at the end of 2017 by international architects and engineers who are committed to climate-friendly and culturally appropriate construction. The DGNB German Sustainable Building Council supports the initiative and, with its CEO Dr. Christine Lemaitre is among the initiators.   more



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