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Recommended by the Ministry: The DGNB system for good planning and construction practice

Now it’s official: The DGNB Certification System is being recommended by the BMVBS (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development) for good planning and building practice.

The BMVBS has drawn up guidelines for a procedure for the public recognition of certification systems, aiming to bring more transparency to the competitive area of building certification. For the occupancy profile ‘New Office and Administration Buildings’, the DGNB system has now been recognised as an “appropriate system for evaluating sustainable building”, and has been recommended as good practice in planning and building.

The bar has been set high. As the recognition procedure makes clear, a certification system consists of much more than just a list of criteria for sustainable building. Extensive documentation is required for the evaluation process, including an assessment matrix and other accounting tools for the auditor. Furthermore, a comprehensive organisational structure must lie behind the certification system: the auditors’ training alone, for example, must involve regular courses, licensing and testing procedures, continuous development and updating of the curriculum, and much more. The certification procedure must also be transparent and clearly regulated, and be organised with the backing of a recognized certification body. The Ministry additionally attaches great importance to quality assurance – a key area in which the DGNB System excels.


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