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Internationalisation forging ahead: personnel changes at DGNB

DGNB's certification system for sustainable building is rapidly gaining ground on the international stage. This applies not only to the demand for certificates. DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) is also witnessing an increasing interest in country-specific adjustments to its system through partner organisations abroad.

Together with its international partner organisations, DGNB will set up an International Board to coordinate this extremely positive development. Philipp Kaufmann has been entrusted with implementing the requisite organisational structures and further developing the international network.

The real-estate specialist from Vienna is particularly suited to this task. As initiator and President of the Austria Green Building Council (ÖGNI), he gained over 120 founder members for the DGNB partner organisation in just a few months. In close collaboration with DGNB, ÖGNI adjusted the certification system to the Austrian market. ÖGNI has already certified the first building in accordance with the system variant adjusted to the needs of various countries; around 30 other buildings are registered for certification.

DGNB’s main office is also undergoing personnel changes. CEO Christian Donath is leaving the company for family reasons. His successor is Dr Christine Lemaitre, who until now has been Deputy Managing Director. As System Director, she was previously responsible for fostering certification activities and, in particular, advanced the further development of system variants.

Johannes Kreißig, member of DGNB’s chairmanship, will assume the post of Deputy CEO on a temporary basis. During this period, he will relinquish his right to vote on the chairmanship and participate in chairmanship meetings as representative of the main office.


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