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Anna Heringer and feat.collective receive the first Building Sense Now Global Awards

As part of the COP25 World Climate Change Conference in Madrid on 12 December, the Building Sense Now Global Awards were presented for the first time. These honor architects and planners who tackle the challenges of climate change in exemplary, culture-friendly ways with innovative design practices worldwide. The prize was awarded to German architect Anna Heringer and feat.collective, a network of young designers from Germany and Switzerland. The Nigerian architect Chinwe Ohajuruka received an honorary mention. Building Sense Now is an initiative launched at the end of 2017 by international architects and engineers who are committed to climate-friendly and culturally appropriate construction. The DGNB German Sustainable Building Council supports the initiative and, with its CEO Dr. Christine Lemaitre is among the initiators.

he Building Sense Now Global Award, which was awarded for the first time in 2019, is looking for people who are outstandingly involved in the issues of climate change and sustainability with the design practices they have developed, paying special attention to social and ethical considerations. The prize is awarded to people who have demonstrated leadership at all levels and in every respect, and who disruptively face up to the challenges of our built environment.

In the main category of the award Anna Heringer was chosen. With her office, the architect has been realizing projects around the world for many years, giving a face to her planning philosophy "Architecture is a tool to improve lifes". The use of natural building materials characterizes her work as well as a high design quality and a sensitive handling of the cultural requirements on site. In doing so, she always keeps an eye on the urban context and the social impact on people.

feat.collective received an Building Sense Now Award for "Young Architects". Founded in 2013, the independent group of young architects, designers and political scientists calls itself a "social architecture and design collective". It supports exceptional humanitarian projects that are fully in line with the philosophy of Building Sense Now - exemplified by the planning and realization of a learning center in Sri Lanka.

In addition, Chinwe Ohajuruka received an honorary mention. The architect from Nigeria who is working in the US is honored for her many years of experience in dealing with social housing problems in Africa and her role as spokesperson to solve these challenges. Her motto: "Affordable Green Housing is a Fundamental Human Right!"

"Showing attitude, getting involved in the right things and making differences: that's what's common to the winners of the Building Sense Now Global Award," says Christine Lemaitre. "They are all role models and consistently follow design practices that are sensitive to local needs - climatically, culturally, integrated and of high quality."

Building Sense Now connects like-minded people

Building Sense Now is a global initiative to connect and engage like-minded architects and engineers around the world who believe that better, culture-friendly design solutions are a critical element in the transformation of our cities. Their work contributes to making our cities and buildings more resilient and sustainable.

The initiators of Building Sense Now at a glance:

  • Christine Lemaitre (Chief Executive Officer, DGNB German Sustainable Building Council)
  • Prashant Kapoor (Chief Industry Specialist, IFC Climate Business Group, World Bank Group)
  • Bruno Sauer (Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council España)
  • Ashok Lall (Design and Technology, Chair at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai)
  • Peter Sharatt (Director Strategic Consulting, WSP)
  • Michael Braungart (Chief Executive Officer, BRAUNGART EPEA International Environmental Research)
  • Thomas Auer (Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, Technical University of Munich)
  • Edward Mazria (Founder of Architecture 2030)
  • Ipsita Mahajan (Principal Consultant, Real Estate Development, Mumbai)

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Bruno Sauer (Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council España), Anna Heringer, Felix Lupatsch (feat.collective), Dr. Christine Lemaitre (CEO DGNB e.V.) | Copyright: Green Building Council España

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