The office in Stuttgart is the hub for the entire activities of the DGNB. It controls the entire certification process from project registration up to the awarding of the certificate, holds training courses, coordinates and supports the DGNB Expert Pool, implements international activities and cooperations, organizes workshops and events, finds speakers and handles the issuing of publications. In addition, the DGNB office supports the Board of Directors in the organization of the general meeting of members and the committees in their work. It is the interface for the exchange of information for all members, builders and auditors.

Executive Board

Dr. Christine Lemaitre
Chief Executive Officer DGNB e.V.
Tel: +49 711 722322-0
c.lemaitre at dgnb.de

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Christine Lemaitre

Johannes Kreißig
Chief Executive Officer DGNB e.V. and DGNB GmbH
Tel: +49 711 722322-0
j.kreissig at dgnb.de

Curriculum Vitae of Johannes Kreißig

Staff Function

Jana Frank
Executive Assistant
Tel: +49 711 722322-79
ja.frank at dgnb.de

Member Support and Association Work

Franziska Dröge
Member Support
Tel: +49 711 722322-23
f.droege at dgnb.de

Raphael Montigel
Advisor Association Work
Tel: +49 711 722322-28
r.montigel at dgnb.de

PR, Communications and Marketing

Felix Jansen
Director PR, Communications and Marketing
Tel: +49 711 722322-32
f.jansen at dgnb.de

Witold Buenger
Project Manager Product Communication
Tel: +49 711 722322-37
w.buenger at dgnb.de

Pia Hettinger
Tel: +49 711 722322-35
p.hettinger at dgnb.de

Levke Maria Kehl
Tel: +49 711 722322-56
lm.kehl at dgnb.de

Henry Kittelberger
Dual student Business Administration
Tel: +49 711 722322-0
h.kittelberger at dgnb.de

Falk Müller-Sommer
Tel: +49 711 722322-73
f.mueller-sommer at dgnb.de

Simone Pitzal
Trade Fairs and Events
Tel: +49 711 722322-60
s.pitzal at dgnb.de

Henny Radicke
Manager Digital Communications
Tel: +49 711 722322-34
h.radicke at dgnb.de

Witali Riffel
Tel: +49 711 722322-92
w.riffel at dgnb.de

Ulrike von Gemmingen
Communications Designer
Tel: +49 711 722322-81
u.gemmingen at dgnb.de

Angelina Wenzel
Trade Fairs and Events
Tel: +49 711 722322-76
a.wenzel at dgnb.de

Research and Development

Dr. Anna Braune
Director Research and Development
Tel: +49 711 722322-67
a.braune at dgnb.de

Sebastian Klemm
Research Projects and Strategy Groups
Tel: +49 711 722322-90
s.klemm at dgnb.de

Julius Loydl
Research Projects
Tel: +49 711 722322-87
jc.loydl at dgnb.de

Christine Ruiz Durán
Project Manager Committee Work and Research Projects
Tel: +49 711 722322-46
c.ruiz at dgnb.de

Ursula Schehrer
Senior Project Manager Districts
Tel: +49 711 722322-77
u.schehrer at dgnb.de

DGNB Academy

Jürgen Utz
Director DGNB Academy
Tel: +49 711 722322-57
j.utz at dgnb.de

Anna-Lisa Schmid
DGNB Academy
Tel: +49 711 722322-42
al.schmid at dgnb.de

Maresa Schmid
DGNB Academy
Tel: +49 711 722322-74
m.schmid at dgnb.de

Mario Schneider
DGNB Academy
Tel: +49 711 722322-68
ma.schneider at dgnb.de

Johanna Torres-Neira
DGNB Academy
Tel: +49 711 722322-64
j.torres at dgnb.de

DGNB Certification

Dr. Stephan Anders
Director DGNB Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-45
s.anders at dgnb.de

Angelika Bandke
Serial Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-44
a.bandke at dgnb.de

Levan Ekhvaia
International Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-84
l.ekhvaia at dgnb.de

Dietmar Geiselmann
Manager Existing Buildings
Tel: +49 711 722322-59
d.geiselmann at dgnb.de

Seema Issar
Tel: +49 711 722322-63
s.issar at dgnb.de

Markus Kelzenberg
Senior Consultant Renovated Buildings
Tel: +49 711 722322-75
m.kelzenberg at dgnb.de

Melanie Leich
DGNB Navigator / Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-52
m.leich at dgnb.de

Zahra Mehdipour
Tel: +49 711 722322-43
z.mehdipour at dgnb.de

Anna-Maria Pfeil
Certification Administration
Tel: +49 711 722322-47
am.pfeil at dgnb.de

Dr. Consolata Russelli
Volume Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-71
c.russelli at dgnb.de

Andreas Schlag
Tel: +49 711 722322-69
a.schlag at dgnb.de

Andrea Schwitalla
Volume Certification
Tel: +49 711 722322-85
a.schwitalla at dgnb.de

Karen Sternsdorff
Tel: +49 711 722322-33
k.sternsdorff at dgnb.de

René Traunspurger
Team Leader Digital
Tel: +49 711 722322-49
r.traunspurger at dgnb.de

Kai Zhang
Director DGNB Certification China
Tel: +49 711 722322-65
k.zhang at dgnb.de

Finance and Administration

Sven Feyhl
Director Finance and Administration
Tel: +49 711 722322-61
s.feyhl at dgnb.de

Paula Bossert
Apprentice Management Assistant
for Office Communication
Tel: +49 711 722322-0
p.bossert at dgnb.de

Dorothea Duriska
Finance and Human Resources
Tel: +49 711 722322-62
d.duriska at dgnb.de

Sarah Dieter
Apprentice Management Assistant
for Office Communication
Tel: +49 711 722322-0
s.dieter at dgnb.de

Lisa-Marie Hartwig
Tel: +49 711 722322-72
lm.hartwig at dgnb.de

Marianna Hess
Legal and Human Resources
Tel: +49 711 722322-41
m.hess at dgnb.de

Anh Diep Pham
Business Analyst
Tel: +49 711 722322-21
ad.pham at dgnb.de

Stefanie Robeller
Certification Contracts and Invoices
Tel: +49 711 722322-91
s.robeller at dgnb.de

Gertrud Scheu
Office Management
Tel: +49 711 722322-36
g.scheu at dgnb.de

Our members

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