The DGNB Navigator: searching for the right building products – and finding them

Selecting appropriate building products or materials is of central importance when it comes to sustainable building. As a result, for approximately half of the criteria in the DGNB System, building materials have a direct impact on certification results and thus the overall performance of a building.

But of course understanding the sustainability standards of building materials always depends on how, when and where they are used. For this reason, the DGNB does not certify products or materials themselves. Sometimes what matters is how transparent information is regarding materials and the bearing that any relevant product information has on sustainable building.

To ensure information and data is transparent, we offer the DGNB Navigator – the leading online platform for building materials in German-speaking countries. The DGNB Navigator can be used as a planning and evaluation tool when choosing building products for use in sustainable buildings. It forms a link between the planning process, DGNB certification requirements relating to specific products, and information provided by producers on various aspects affecting sustainability.

For the producers of building materials, the DGNB Navigator is a useful way to showcase their products by providing key product data that will be pertinent to certification. Architects and planners use the DGNB Navigator as a free research tool to underpin decisions surrounding products; official auditors also use the DGNB Navigator for documentation purposes during the certification process.

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