DGNB Living Showroom

The new DGNB office – a place to experience sustainable building

The Living Showroom of sustainability

The aim of the new DGNB office in the Caleido centre in Tübinger Strasse is to allow visitors to experience sustainable building first-hand. The new offices were built with the support of around 30 DGNB members who helped to turn the facilities into a live showroom of sustainable construction.

Meeting place

The new offices are also an ideal place for members of the DGNB network to meet up. From the outset, the aim was to turn the many benefits and advantages of sustainably designed and constructed buildings into something tangible, allowing visitors and employees to experience sustainability in a finished property. The Caleido premises also have DGNB certification, providing the ideal vehicle for sharing the philosophy of sustainability. This is also reflected in the interior design, which is sensitive to the needs of occupants, offering user comfort, environmentally appropriate materials and takes the entire life cycle of the building into account.

Guided tours

The offices have been open to visitors since July 2014 and are regularly shown to DGNB members, sustainability experts and other interested parties. Within these guided tours visitors experience the specific impact of sustainable building in practice and learn how sustainability benefits people, the environment and the bank balance.

Organise your own events in the DGNB office

The Living Showroom is the ideal venue for all kinds of events. There is a conference room with enough space for 25 delegates as well as an open event area for up to 100 guests and customers. To find out more, please contact k.wolf at dgnb.de, +49 711 722322-38.

We would like to thank our members for their support:


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